1) Time To Marry

It was Tyson’s 26th birthday and we had plans to go to his favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. He asked if I cared if he invited some of his family. (Gulp!) So his parents & grandparents joined us Friday night, October 5, 2001.

To start the night off on a bad note, we got stuck in smoking to avoid the hour wait. Then the server wasn’t having her best night (but, being a former server myself, let me say in her defense “It’s OK! I totally understand!”) So in the middle of our meal, I excused myself to “go to the restroom” but I actually snuck out to the hostess stand and asked if they would have our server deliver a package & card for Tyson after we finished our meals because it was his birthday.

Tyson, being the slow eater that he is just happened to be the last person to finish. His mom, Nancy, was already asking for the bill so I just kinda flashed our server a sympathetic smile and hoped this would all work out OK or I was sure to be walking home! She cleared his plates and set the package & card down with a huge vanilla & caramel sundae. Tyson was like, “What is this?” The server told him the ice cream was from her, but the present wasn’t. Then it dawned on him – I had left the table earlier and the wrapping paper matched the gift that I gave him earlier that day!

He read the card (which happened to say something about how he deserved better than a store bought gift & how I hoped he’d let me be his birthday present) and started to unwrap the box. Surprising enough, I was doing OK so far. He opened the box to find a silver pocket watch that read: "Tyson, I will love you until the end of time."

He picked it up and said “Aww that’s nice . . .Whoa!” as he flipped it over & read: "Will you marry me? Love, Laura." He glanced up and said, “Are you serious?” By that time I’m freaking out, tears pouring down my face. I anticipated this question and had planned to say our usual sarcastic reply, “Duh!” but I couldn’t speak so I just nodded. Tyson looked at his parents, looked at me, and looked at his mom again. (Mamma’s Boy!) He asked if he should show it to his parents. I shrugged my shoulders & nodded (still waiting for his answer, by the way!)

He handed the watch to his mom and she said, “Ohh …Whoa!” Tyson looked at me, grabbed my hand & smiled as he said, “Yes! Yes I will.” Then turned to his mom, dead serious and said, “That’s ok, right?” She nodded and said that was fine. (Thank God!)

Laura Zaruba,
Silvis, IL


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