1) Time Square

My fiance’ has always been the romantic type, but what he did for my proposal was absolutely incredible.

My birthday was Tuesday, August 1st, so he decided to take me to New York, which was the initial surprise. He woke me up on the morning of my birthday at 5am and told me to pack my bags with some summer clothes. At 7am we were off and on our way for New York from San Diego.

As we arrived in New York I noticed he had everything planned, which included roses and chocolate on my pillow upon the arrival at the hotel. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect that day, but a wedding proposal was not in the plans (or was it?). We spent the next few days experiencing the beauty of New York, which was a first for both of us.

During the week my fiance’ seemed to have an infatuation with Times Square. Wednesday and Thursday were extremely hot, and he had pointed out to me that a few of the billboards had been turned off due to the heat wave, which was an extreme rarity in Times Square.

That Friday evening, when the heat wave was finally beginning to cool, he told me to put some nice clothes on because we were going to a nice dinner. We jumped in a cab, and he had the cab stop about 2 blocks from Times Square. As we approached Times Square I was still unaware what was about to happen.

We walked around for about 10 minutes and then he pointed up to the Reuters’s Billboard at Times Square. On the giant billboard was a picture of our first trip together and our first kiss on the beach. As I looked further I saw a poem scrolling on the bottom of the photo that read:

"This day is as special as each day in our life, on this night I ask you WILL YOU BE MY WIFE?"

As this message scrolled a few other photos followed the initial photo. As I turned around to look at him, he was down on his knee in the middle of Times Square with a ring and poem in his hand. At the same time I noticed a photographer taking pictures of the whole event. I fell into a state of shock and literally was speechless for 30 seconds at which time I gathered myself and answered his proposal. What was even more incredible about the event was the wonderful poem that was attached with the ring:

"We laugh, we cry

We deal with hard times

And it’s only getting better

The love I have for you

Can be written with one letter

L is for love

L is for life

This letter is a sign

The strangest thing L represents

Is the intersecting of two lives

We’ve come together knowing

Our lives will realize

A feeling of our true love

These lives will coincide

The thought of you beside me

And never letting go

Keeps the world around me

Like a mountain full of snow

As we ponder L we see

It’s found in many words

But the truest one of all

Is that loving is a verb

Laughter shares a letter

Important to us all

It shares those simple lines

That helps us when we fall

The more I think of L

The more I think of you

How it ironic it could be

That my love for you is true

Not only is it a word

But a name that means so much

Everyday I think of you

That L becomes my crutch

Today is as special

As each day is in our life

On this night I ask you


(The L in the poem is referring to my name, Lauren)

The proposal was followed by a wonderful dinner and a Broadway Show that was fitting for the occasion, THE WEDDING SINGER.

We will be getting married on August 4th 2007, which is a year to the day of our engagement!


Proposal Story By:

Jeran Fraser

Incline Village, NV


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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