1) The Student and The State Trooper

My name is Ashley Anne White. I am a student
at Auburn University and recently became engaged to Alabama State
Trooper, Jeff Jordan. Jeff and I dated for a year and five months
to be exact. On our year and five month anniversary Jeff told me
he wanted to take me to dinner to celebrate. You have to understand
that the events of the night seemed completely normal because the
27th of every month Jeff always did something sweet to remind me
of our first date.

The 27th of February (a Friday) I got off work
at my part time job as a 911 dispatcher and ran home to get ready
for dinner. Jeff knocked on the door at exactly 6:30pm. He came
with a "happy anniversary card" and a dozen red roses. I was thrilled
and surprised but never would have expected what was to come. He
took me to dinner at the same restaurant where we had our first
date (which was also on a Friday night).

He ordered the same meal
we he ate that night and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening together.
At about the time desert arrived he asked if I wanted to go back
to his house to watch "Maverick" the movie we watched on our second
date together. I accepted and as we left the restaurant he told
me that at the house he had a gift for me. I could not believe
how much thought he had put into this evening but I still never
suspected a thing. During the chilly months we light a fire in
the fireplace so when we got to his house I lit the fire and he
set up the movie.

I thought we were going to settle down for a
relaxing evening of cuddling. Then Jeff asked me if I wanted my
gift now or after the movie. I thought about it for a second and
decided I wanted it right then. He disappeared for a moment to
the back of the house and I set on the hearth beside the fire waiting.
He emerged with a box that was about a foot long, eight inches
wide and 3 inched thick wrapped in purple gift-wrap. Having no
idea what this could be I dove in and opened it. Inside was a bible
I had been wanting for about 2 years but had never purchased for
myself. I was so excited and thankful. I took it out looked at
the spine and it was EXACTLY the one I had looked at many times.

I flipped through it appreciating everything
about the gift when Jeff put his had on top to stop me and looked
me directly in the
eye and said, "Ashley, look at the name" turned to the front
and embossed on the cover in script lettering was "Ashley Anne
I went completely blank for a second and didn’t know what to
do. That moment just before I looked up at him is a complete blur.
A million things went through my mind and when I looked up at
he was on one knee and had a beautiful ring in his hand.

I could
not believe my eyes! He said, "Will you marry me" at first
I didn’t say anything. I was in complete shock. I think I asked,
"Is this
for real" then Jeff said, "Yes, I want you to be my wife".
was completely over whelmed! I always thought I would loose it
when this day finally came but all I could do was jump up and
down with excitement. Then, he told me he loved me. That is when
I cried.
Saying I love you was something we had not said to each other
during our relationship because in the beginning we agreed that
we wanted
to save that for when we were ready to commit to each other
for life.

We have set March 27th 2005 as the official date.
"A dream
is a wish your heart makes" My dreams are coming true and
my heart is over joyed!

Proposal Story By:

Ashley Anne White

Auburn, Alabama

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