1) The Local Paper

This is the story from the Local paper The
Herald-Chronical, in Winchester Tennessee, about my proposal:

A school assembly was called not for a science
film or an anti-drug seminar, but for a life lesson on a subject
that should never be forgotten–love.
Tim Totty wanted to ask music teacher Terri Massengill to marry him in a way
that expressed just how much love for her he had in his heart.
It had to be special, so he asked Broadview Principal Sandy Schultz if he could
propose in front of one of Terri’s music classes.
When Schultz told the teachers of Totty’s plan to include a class on the event,
they all wanted to witness it and wanted their students to see it as well.

So the romantic plot began to thicken as the
planning began. After talking
about several different ideas, an elaborate plan came together to get all 350
and staff members to the gymnasium without Ms. Massengill knowing what was
going on.
The plan worked and when Ms. Massengill opened the gym door, she saw rose petals
spread in a special "red carpet" walkway just for her from the gym
door to a stool in the middle of the floor.

As she walked down the path, 48 students walked
up to her and presented her with a single red rose. Totty had provided
the roses, but wanted to include
the students
in the proposal rather than just give them to her directly.

Totty had been waiting in the coaches office,
but he walked toward Terri as she came in and sang "Til There
Was You" to her.
Totty also played the tune on his guitar, which was decorated with balloons
for Terri. The students were so excited to witness the very loving, touching

When he finished the song, he went down on one
knee and asked her to marry him. She said "yes" and he slipped the diamond on her finger.
Terri Massengill teaches music two days a week at Broadview and three days
a week at North Lake Elementary.

Proposal Story By:

Tim Totty

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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