1) The Dive

Scott and I met at work and had been dating for
about two years before we became engaged. During that time, we planned
a vacation to Grand Cayman and fell in love with the island. The
beautiful beaches and the fantastic SCUBA diving quickly made it
become our favorite vacation spot. This past February we returned
to the Island to get our SCUBA diving certification.

The entire week were there, the weather was beautiful
and we a wonderful time diving and spending time together away from
our hectic jobs in Chicago. The day before we had to fly back home,
which happened to be Valentine’s Day, we planned a diving trip to
a place called Stingray City. This is a shallow dive site where
you can feed and pet stingrays. The last time we were there, it
was such an incredible experience that we arranged to have our dive
video taped by our dive crew.

As expected, the dive was great! We got to feed
at least 10 stingrays and got close up with a green moray eel. Towards
the end of the dive, Scott motioned for me to come over to him and
he began writing a message to me on his underwater writing slate.
When he turned the slate around the message read "Will you
Marry Me?" I was so happy that I immediately began to cry,
which quickly found out is very difficult to do underwater! Scott
then took an engagement ring out from under his wetsuit and put
it on my finger. He swam over to a large coral head where he pulled
out a bottle of champagne that he had hidden in the sand!

When we surfaced from our dive, the crew was cheering
for us as Scott opened the bottle of champagne and sprayed me with
it while I was climbing back onto the boat. The crew was in on the
entire plan!

On the boat ride back, we celebrated and shared
champagne with the other divers. The best part is that this whole
event was captured on video tape! I feel like I am watching a romance
movie every time I see the video. It was the most exciting and romantic
experience of my life. We are getting married on June 19, 2004.

Erin Daley,

Chicago, IL


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