1) The Cave

We live in the island of Maui, and are surrounded by beautiful cliffs, waterfalls, and clear blue ocean water.

I had just finished work and was too exhausted to do anything. Jake had promised to meet me and go swimming with me after work. Suddenly the electricity goes off in my house, and at the exact moment, Jake and my sister walk through the door, wet, quickly apologize, saying they went for a swim and sorry they were late. I declare it’s hot and Id like to swim. The usually passive Jake perks up and declares, "Let’s go right NOW."

Tiredly, I nod my approval and drag my exhausted body out to his truck. We pass 6 beaches before I realize we’re not going anywhere familiar. I turn to him and ask, "where are we going?" He replies with the name of a fishing spot incredibly dangerous to get to, telling me he hasn’t been there in a long time and that it would be cool to go there together. We have another 15 minutes in the car before we 4 wheel it to the top of a steep seaside cliff where we have to climb a rope down the face of a 150 foot cliff only to scramble over jetties of lava rock to get to another cliff jump into water where you then make a 200 meter swim to a cave hollowed out of lava rock. Once in the cave, there is a fifty foot climb to the top of the cave, where awaits a clear fresh water pond surrounded by the dark rock walls of the cave.

When Jake leads me to the cliff that requires me to jump into the water before the swim to the hidden cave, I step back with fear in my eyes.

I’d been to this spot plenty of times, but never with the waves so tumultuous. Every few seconds there would be an outrageous surge and water would splash 10 to 15 feet up in the air. I was already tired, and I just could NOT understand why my boyfriend wanted to go swimming so badly. He stood there quietly for about five minutes (later he told me he was praying the waves would calm down.) and suddenly dives into the water. I wasn’t about to leave him in there alone, so I jump in too. The whole swim over the waves were crashing up against the rocks, and I’m afraid to claw my way into the cave between surges. However, I manage to time it right and make it inside.

As I make the fifty foot climb to the top of the cave, I begin to smell a sweet aroma. I reach the pool, and am in complete shock! The cave walls are covered with hundreds of roses and candles. In the freshwater pool are floating candles, which throw their light onto darkness of the walls, making it glimmer in its wetness. In the center of the pool is an exposed rock, covered with roses and larger lit candles giving off a fragrant aroma.

Just then, he gently takes my hand, reaches in the pocket of his swimtrunks, and unclips the ring. He kneels down on the only spot of the cave fit for what seems this very purpose…"Lyndee, will you marry me?"  


I turn around, and there in the wall, as if etched in the rock by mother nature herself, is a bottle of champagne resting in ice, and two glass flumes surrounded by roses.

At this point I am crying, but also so full of excitement and questions.  HOW DID HE GET THIS ALL UP HERE?

Turns out Jake had my sister follow him through the tumultuous waves as she carried over 9 dozen roses down the rope cliff, through the treacherous terrain, off the second cliff, into the dangerous waters, and up to the top of the cave. After setting up for the proposal, they forged their way back to the truck, made the 20 minute journey back to my house, took me back to that very spot, where I felt so nervous about getting in the water, I almost missed the WHOLE PROPOSAL. AND the candles stayed LIT that entire time!

Needless to say, it was straight out of a fairy tale. And I KNOW am very lucky. I think every girl deserves an engagement story as good as this one.

We get married October 10th 2008.

Proposal Story by:

Lyndee and Jake

Lahaina, HI


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