1) The Bill and The Cookie

The day started off with the two of us driving back from Harrisville, MI after just visiting her mother for the week. It was a 3.5 hour drive home and all I had on my mind was that I hope this day works out to what I had planned. On the way home Heather had a hair appointment in Clarkston, MI. I dropped her off and sat in the car for the two hours just thinking about what’s to come. She was done getting her hair done and jumped back in the car for another 40 in ride home to Fraser, MI where I am from.

We had planned for me and her to meet up with my buddy and his fiance’ to go to PF Changs Chinese Restaurant then to a coed softball game afterwards. Little did she know, there was no softball game and my buddy and his fiance’ would not be at dinner. My buddy called me at 3:00(the exact time we would be on the rode) and informed me that he will not be going to dinner and so my fiance’ would overhear it and believe it was just going to be the two of us eating. Well, we still went to the restaurant and were seated right away. She did not know that I was in contact with the manager the day before about having them make a special fortune cookie for me.

Dinner was great and dessert was even better, but the best part was yet to come. My fiance’ began to open up the package of the fortune cookie as I was "reading over the bill" and was about to read her fortune….."Heather, Will You Marry Me? is what was written on the cookie. At this time, I got down on one knee as she dropped the fortune to her lap and immediately began to cry. The entire restaurant saw me and the kitchen crew watched as I asked her to marry me. We had a champagne toast immediately after she said, "YES!!" She had no clue it was coming! Good Fortunes do come true!


Proposal Story By:

Dan Kresbaugh

Fraser, MI


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