1) Racquetball Romance

He decided that we should have a racquetball date before things got busy for the both of us. So, Wednesday was the day we were going to play. I decided to go ahead and get a court reserved.

Now he had never played before and I thought he could just use an extra racquet I had. Well, he showed up to my apartment all decked out in racquetball gear, including headband and all, and he looked sooo cute!! Well, he had bought the whole bit, racquet, balls, glove, goggles, etc. So, we headed off to the Rec to play.

He had forgotten his wallet, so I had to pay for him to get in, good thing! We started playing on Court #12 for about 20 mins and I was teaching him how to hit and what you should do, etc. Then, all of a sudden he needed a bathroom break. He came back and as I was looking at his racquet, he switched out balls.

So, after about 20 mins of playing some more he told me I should serve and threw me the ball. I noticed something looked different about it, so I took a closer look and saw the word "will"…as I rotated the ball around, much to my amazement were the words, "Will you marry me?"!!!! I was thinking "now? really? oh my gosh? are you serious?" and the next thing I know, here he is coming towards me, gets down on one knee in the court, fumbles around for the ring, and with goggles on asks me to marry him!! Of course I said "YES!" and there it is. So, then of course we stop playing and leave, and as we exit the court there’s a couple there that asks us, "Are y’all done yet? Can we use this court now?" And that’s the story – we got engaged in the racquetball court at the Rec Center…whoop!


Proposal Story By:

Kellie Frame  

Bryan, TX

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