1) Proposal at the Wedding Cake Waterfall

I had been planning on asking for her hand in marriage for several months and had just ordered the ring. I was trying to think of ideas on where to propose and was coming up a little short. Most of my ideas involved us skiing during the winter. Since I already had the ring, I wanted to do it soon.

We both like the outdoors and love to go hiking and camping. The past year was really busy and we were unable to go on our yearly camping trip. We both agreed that we should at least go away for a weekend and do some hiking. I figured this would be my big chance and I would not set off any "alarms" since we do stuff like this all the time. I told her that I wanted to go to Ricketts Glen State Park in North Eastern Pennsylvania because it has many waterfalls and it is a very beautiful place. I also suggested that it’d be perfect place to see the leaves changing.

After arriving, we see many warning signs about the trails. Most of them emphasized that trails were "extremely difficult". She then starts to get freaked out because there articles about people falling over the falls or being critically injured on the trails. They even had numbers and directions to the hospitals posted. At this point, she is very nervous and isn’t sure she wants to go. I start to get upset because I think my plan is going to be ruined.

I convince her it can’t be too bad and if it is, then we’d turn around and find something else that was easier. We start off on the trail taking in the scene. Luckily, there were not too many people out on the trails and we had a lot of time alone to ourselves. That was nice because the last thing I wanted was a large group of people when I was going to propose.

About 2.5 miles into the hike we come to the waterfall I had picked out for the proposal. It is a 94′ waterfall that is like a "wedding cake". It is called a wedding cake waterfall because of the way it cascades down in layers from skinny up top to fat at the bottom. I had never been there before and wasn’t sure where to propose. I figured the top was as good as any place.

We’re standing at the top looking down the falls. We were both rather amazed with its beauty and we were taking a lot of pictures. I explain to her that they call it a "wedding cake" waterfall and she seems unresponsive and didn’t suspect anything. I then proceed to tell her "It’s also called a wedding cake waterfall because cheesy guys like me take their girlfriends here to ask for their hand in marriage." I then get down onto my right knee and take out the ring box. I opened the box and looked down at it. The ring was NOT there! I get very nervous and started looking around frantically. It turns out the ring worked its way loose when I was jumping around on some rocks further up the trails. When I opened the box, the ring fell out onto the rock I was kneeling on. I see it and pick it up quickly. It was literally 8-10 inches from going over the falls to be possibly lost forever! My hands were shaking and I grab her hand and slip it on her finger. She was completely surprised! It took her a little bit of time to realize what had just happened and then she screamed "YES!"

A short time later, two nice couples walked up to us and asked us if we’d like our picture taken. I’m not sure if they realized that I had just proposed but I was grateful of their offer.

On the way down to the bottom, we stopped several times to take more pictures of the falls and I then told her about asking her father for approval. She got really happy when she heard that I asked her father and she started to cry. I was telling her about me planning it; times I thought she knew and how I was going to put it off till winter.

I’m very happy that I didn’t put it off. It was truly the happiest day of my life.


Proposal Story By:

Daniel Frazier

Newark, DE


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