1) My Story By Sarah

It was Friday, February 2, 2007, the day before our five year anniversary. I got to work at about 7:45. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Brent’s "Eloquence" delivery van pulling out. As I passed him I noticed he was talking on his cell phone, and didn’t notice me. I thought, "Wow, someone else here knows him." I went into work knowing he wasn’t delivering anything to me, since it was the day before my anniversary. At about 8:00, Kathy, one of the ladies I work with, called me over to her desk. I walked around the cubical to find her with a flower arrangement in one hand and a camera in the other. She took a picture of me as she handed me the arrangement. I took the flowers to my desk and she took more pictures of me in my shocked state. When I finally realized what was going on, I thought "Yay, he sent me a small flower arrangement instead of a big one." I sat down to open the card. As I read it, I wondered why there were blank lines in two of the sentences. I was sitting back admiring the flowers when I noticed a little suede bag tucked in the arrangement.

The Scrabble pieces in the bag formed the missing word in the sentences (R O A R W). It took me a little while to figure out that the word was ARROW. Everyone at the office thought it was the sweetest thing they had ever seen. Of course, I agreed. I called Jimmy to tell him thanks and what I thought about it. He got a kick out of what I told him, it made him laugh. I continued my day at work, taking time here and there to think about how great Jimmy is, and how sweet what he had done was. At about 9:30, Brandi, another girl I work with, called me over as she walked through the door. I walked over and saw her standing there with another flower arrangement, complete with a card and little bag, just like before.

I was really surprised now. She took pictures. I opened the card. I started to shake as I read the card. I emptied the bag and arranged the Scrabble pieces (R O A M E) to spell AMORE. It was a pretty card. I called Jimmy again to tell him thanks, and that I figured this one out fast. He was still laughing at what I had to say. I even asked him how many more he was sending. He didn’t say. Everyone at work said he was very romantic. I went back to my desk, and tried to get back to work. At about 10:45, the girls I work with decided to order lunch from Zea’s. We were looking for a menu when Tanerra called my name. I got up smiling, since I am not normally called to the door, everyone usually comes to my desk. She had another flower arrangement! She took pictures of me and then urged, "Open the card, come on open the card!" We read the card together.

I emptied the letters out of the bag (L U I Y L A Y). I looked at them and thought, "What is this supposed to mean?" After a few unsuccessful attempts at solving this one, I called Jimmy and told him I couldn’t figure this one out. He said, "Sure you can, take your time, I have faith in you. I can’t talk now, I’m with a customer." So, the girls at work and I (actually, EVERYONE at work), continued to figure this one out. This went on for a long time. I just didn’t understand the puzzle. We left for lunch, still talking about what it might mean. When I came back from lunch I tried to figure out the third set of letters again. I still couldn’t make anything out of them. Everyone thought there may be letters missing. I emailed Jimmy saying that I still couldn’t solve it. I asked him if there were missing letters. He didn’t respond. I was getting a headache now, so I decided to put them away to get some work done. At about 2:00, I was back in my work when, Brandi walked in with another flower arrangement, another card, another bag of letters. She took pictures, and I tore open the card. It was a very sweet. I was anxious to get a puzzle I could solve.

I took the letters (S H U M Y) out of the bag and quickly formed the word MUSHY. I was a little disappointed that I hadn?t been able to solve the third one yet, so I continued to try to figure it out. I emailed Jimmy once again telling him I got the fourth arrangement and figured out the word. I asked him if the third set of letters were supposed to be (L L Y Y A I U) and he said yes. Everyone at work told me to call him again for more clues, I said, "No, I will figure it out later." Focusing on work after all of this was hard, so in an attempt to try to clear my head, I took a break and went for a little walk. I refilled my thermos with water, brought it back to my desk, then left again for a bathroom break. When I returned to my desk at about 3:45, there was the fifth flower arrangement sitting on my chair.

The letters in the bag were (V O I L E), I figured this one out very fast! Everyone knows my favorite restaurant! I thought, "Yes, he is taking me to Olive Garden tonight!" I finally finished my work for the day, a work load that should have been finished before lunch (it was a slow day, thank goodness). I went back to the letters from the third delivery. I still couldn?t make anything with them. Everyone at work told me to call him to see if I needed to use other letters, from other deliveries, to figure out the third one. I told them that it didn?t make sense to use any other letters, and it was kind of silly to think that would be the answer, if that was the case he would have sent the third one last. I called Jimmy and told him I received the fifth delivery, and asked him if we would meet after work at the Olive Garden. He told me no, to bring everything home, and we would leave from there.

At about 4:00 Brandy called me, but when I answered the phone I heard nothing but static and hung up. She called me back and said, "I have a problem and I need Jimmy’s help, he isn’t answering my calls. Have you talked to him today." I said, "Yes, I have been in touch with him all day." I asked her if she was good with figuring out word games. She said, "Sure, what is going on?" I told her what happened throughout the day. She was amazed. "I didn’t think Jimmy could do something like that." I asked if she knew what the letters in the third puzzle could be. She said, "Sorry Sarah, I have no clue."

I got off the phone with Brandy and called my mom. I was desperate now. I told her everything that had gone on. She laughed and asked, "What’s wrong with that man?" I told her I had no idea, but this third puzzle was really giving me a headache. I read her the card and told her the letters that went with it. Of course, my mom called me back later and told me she had no clue.

The girls at work kept telling me, "Call him, we want to know what this word is." So, finally, I gave in. I asked him to please tell me the word, or at least give me a clue. He said no, but if I couldn’t figure it out, he would tell me what it was the next day. I asked him if he would tell the girls I work with, because they were dying to know. One again he told me no, "You can tell them Monday." I told him I would see him at home and I hung up. It was about 4:45, so I gathered up all the goodies I received throughout the day and started bringing them to my car. I was disappointed that I didn’t solve the third puzzle, it was on my mind the whole drive home.

When I got home Jimmy set all of the letters out on the Scrabble board we have set up on the coffee table. We went over to his parent’s house to pick up the birthday card his sister sent me. While we were there, I asked his Dad if he knew of any word that can be made out of the letters L L Y Y A U I. He almost immediately said, "Oh, I know that one!" Jimmy would not let him tell me. I got a little upset that he knew it when no one else did. Jimmy’s Mom and Dad came over to look at all my pretty flowers. His Mom looked at the letters out on the cof
fee table, and couldn’t figure out what the third puzzle meant either, that made me feel a little better. We left home for the Olive Garden shortly after 7:00. Dinner was great. From there we went to the 9:40 showing of Epic Movie. After the movie, Jimmy was craving coffee, so we stopped at CC’s at about 11:00. I was a little suspicious when we sat there for a while, drinking, before we headed home. When we got home at about 11:45, Jimmy asked me to start writing down the day’s experience, this was turning into a strange night. I was sitting at the computer typing this story, when someone knocked at the door. It was just after 12:00 midnight. Jimmy answered the door, and in walked Brent with yet another flower arrangement and card!

Let’s take another look at those letters.

After reading the card, I sat next to Jimmy on the sofa, we looked at the letters sitting on the Scrabble board. He said, "Are you sure you STILL don’t know what the third word is?" I said, "No, I don’t." Then he started rearranging the letters on the board, ALL of the letters on the board. I thought, "What is he doing?" I sat there watching, then, finally, I understood what was going on!


Proposal Story by:

Sarah Broussard

Cankton, LA


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