1) Love is in the Air


I had already received my private pilot certificate when I met Julie at the beginning of my last year in college. For our first date, we flew to an airshow about an hour away. Four years later, I was Christmas shopping with my mother when I decided it was time to look for a ring. Once I found one, the only thing left to do was to think of the most memorable way possible to propose. After much thought and planning (and help from Dad) I had it.

I told Julie we were going to do something fun after she finished her first semester law school exams. We still take pleasure flights now and then, so it was no big surprise to her when I suggested we fly over my father’s house in the country to take a few pictures. She thought my dad wanted a picture of his new pool from the air. As we approached his house, she said “I think I see my name written in that field!” Then her jaw dropped as the field came fully into view. Written in 30-foot letters made of white lime powder were the words “WILL U MARRY ME JULIE?”. Several members of my family were standing on the field waving white towels at us. I handed her a box with the ring as she sat there in shock.

After we circled the field a few times as she sat there in amazement, I finally had to ask for her answer! My family had a scanner on the ground tuned in so they could hear us. I keyed the microphone as Julie yelled “I SAID YES!” Everyone below was in tears. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way back to the airport. When we landed, we were met by more excited family members who were waiting to congratulate us. It was a wonderful evening. We took a great picture of the field. I wish I could post it here for everyone to see!

Lee Mock,
Houston, TX

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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