1) I Must Have Been Lucky

My name is Renaldo. About four years ago, I met the love of my life. We met at a party through a mutual friend. We began to talk, and realized that we had a lot in common. At the time, we both were spoken for, so we became the best of friends. We had our good times, as well as our bad, but we vowed to never hurt each other. The entire time we were friends, her parents constantly asked me why we weren’t together. At the time, I had no answer but I’d tell them that it wasn’t to be just yet.

Last Christmas, I guess we were ready because we realized that we couldn’t live without each other, and since we were both single at the time, we started dating. Her parents were so proud, and recently had been inquiring about us getting married. I had a talk with them which lasted about three hours about their daughter. During this time, I asked them for permission to propose to their daughter and we made plans to do so. The night ended in tear filled eyes and plenty of hugs.

One day while helping her mother shop for party decorations for her birthday, we stopped in a local jewelers. She hinted to me that her daughter had been eyeballing a particular ring. I looked at the price, and felt tears swelling in my eyes. My current job wasn’t paying nearly enough to afford a ring like that, but I had to do it. Raising the money for the ring proved difficult, but I took up another job, and a week before my lovers birthday, the money was raised.

On the day of her birthday, I never even hinted that I would propose. The party went well, and when we got back to our apartment, I cooked her dinner, massaged her feet, and layed her to bed. For the proposal to go the way I planned, I had to pretend to be going to sleep too, but my heart was pounding too hard for me to do so. When my wife to be fell asleep, I snuck out of bed and set up for the proposal.

When I was ready, I woke her and told her that I forgot to give her one more present. I helped her out of bed and led her down the hallway. Rose petals layered the floor, and ther were no lights except for candles I had lit throught the room. I led her to the balcony. I must have been lucky because it was a full moon, and the breeze was just right. Here, I got on one knee, and said "I love you more than life it self so it would mean the world to me if you would take my hand in marriage. Will you marry me?".. We both were crying, and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. She said yes, and as we held each other, time stopped. During this time I thought to my self "I truly am the happiest man alive".

Proposal Story By:

Renaldo Biddy

Largo, MA


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