1) "Fish"

My fiance and I had planned for him to come out to Boston (where I am in law school) for a long weekend. I thought he was coming on Thursday, but he showed up on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, he woke me up and said that we had to go downtown. He dropped me off at a spa and told me that he would be back in 3 1/2 hours to get me. I checked in and he had booked me a massage, manicure and pedicure. He came back when I was done and took me on the subway that goes to the airport. I was confused, as we had no bags, but it turned out that he had gone back to my room while I was at the spa, packed both of our bags, brought them to the airport, checked them in, and then came back to get me from the spa.

We flew back to Michigan (where we are both from). While we were up in the air, he started talking about how close we were to heaven and how the only thing closer to heaven would be to spend the rest of his life with me. I, of course, am about hyperventilating. He hands me a box and I open it – and it’s a diamond pendant! It was beautiful, but he had totally tricked me into thinking he was proposing.

On Friday morning he had "errands" to run, so I slept in. When he got back, he went into another long speech about how special I am and handed me another box. This time, it was diamond earrings.

He suggested that we go ice fishing. We went to the lake that we normally fish on and he had already set up the shanty. I thought that was sweet of him. We fished for a while and then I set my pole down (with the line still in the water) to eat lunch. After lunch, I picked up my pole and thought that I had a fish (because it was heavy). I reeled it in and as the "fish" got closer to the surface I realized it wasnt a fish at all – it was a red pillow with a diamond ring on it! Tied right to the end of my line! I was so shocked because I had just been fishing with that line and my fiance had been with me the entire time, so I had no idea how the ring got there. I looked over at my fiance, who was down on his knees. He proposed, and of course I can hardly remember what he said, but I do remember him saying that I was a "catch of a lifetime" and how lucky he was to have me and how much he loved me. It was amazing.

I asked my fiance how he pulled that off and he said that the reason he set up the shanty before I got there was so that he could drill an extra hole in the ice on my side outside the shanty . A buddy of his came and stuck this pole/hook that they had rigged up (it was a broom handle with a large plastic hook on the end ) into the hole and under the ice. He hooked my line with it and pulled my line (and hook) out onto the ice. Then he took off the worm, put the ring pillow on and dropped it back into the water. I couldnt believe he did so much work just to surprise me! His buddy lives over an hour away and had been driving to my fiance’s town for weeks practicing.

On Friday night we drove up to tell his parents and then drove to my hometown on Sat morning to tell mine. When I got to my mom’s house I told her and then walked into my old bedroom (that I still use when I come home). I walked into the bedroom – where there were at least 10 formal gowns hanging from the ceiling. My fiance had bought them, along with matching shoes. I tried them on (feeling like a princess of course) and chose one to wear to dinner that night. He then took me to get my hair done in an updo for dinner.

When my fiance came to pick me up for dinner, he handed me a new black leather purse and inside were new diamond earrings (dangly ones, to go with the studs he had given me earlier) and a diamond bracelet.

We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and after dinner he suggested that we go tell me godparents (my aunt and uncle) the news. I agreed and we went to their house. I walked in and started telling them the story. I was so excited and emotional that I had a hard time talking. They suggested we come in and sit down and I walked into the house and heard "Surprise!" There were 40 of my closest friends! My fiance had planned a surprise party for me and invited my high school and undergrad friends. I couldnt believe it – many of them had driven hours to come and some had even flown in. I was so touched that my fiance would plan the party and that so many of my friends would take the time to come that I burst into tears. What an amazing night! My fiance had gotten a block of rooms in a hotel so that we could all stay together and had even gotten a shuttle service to take them from the hotel to the party and then from the party to the bar.

On Sunday, I flew back to Boston. I was sad because I didnt want my "proposal weekend" to end, but my fiance assured me that this is only the beginning of a lifetime of surprises. I got back to my room to find a stack of bridal magazines on my desk, along with jewelry cleaner, a CD with "our song" on it, a copy of the invitation he had sent my friend, addressed to me (just for my scrapbook) and a folder with my itinerary for the weekend (also for my scrapbook). It was the most perfect proposal weekend – better than I could have ever dreamed of. And the fact that my fiance went to such great lengths to do something special for me speaks well for the rest of our lives 🙂


Proposal Story By:

Coral Shaw

Traverse City, MI


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