1) Faint and Falling

Jogging was never my favorite pass time, but when I hit age 20, I realized it had to be done for health reasons. Having been bent out of shape, one evening I decided to put on my sweats and go for it. After about ten minutes, I was losing my breath and about to faint. Little did I know, I was about to collapse. I was trying to catch my breath, so I focused on the ground beneath me, and collided with a young and gorgeous brunette.

We both started laughing, and as I looked up to see who I ran into, I was caught by surprise. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Just when I was starting to catch my breath, things got so bad, I thought I needed an inhaler. "Are you ok?" were the first words that came out of her mouth. I said, "Yeah. I just got the wind knocked out of me. My name is Vlad." Nice to meet you…." She quickly interupted and filled in my sentence with "Flora."

The moment we made eye contact was the most magical moment. "You’re beautiful" I said. "Aw…shucks." she replied. I’m so touched. You’re…."There was a sudden pause and after about 2 seconds, she wrapped her arms around me. We hugged and kissed on that corner for an hour straight. At that moment, I knew that we were in love. That same day, she came back to my place and we had the best time.

We would be together for the next 5 years, never to grow apart. We decided to make June 23 our anniversary, because that was the day we ran into each other. There were two June 23 I would never forget. The first one is obvious. The second one was when I took Flora to Disneyland. After about two hours of fun and adventure, I lost Flora on purpose and ran off to find Goofey. I bribed the guy wearing the Goofey costume 30 bucks to borrow it for a few minutes, and he gave it to me willingly. I ran back to where Flora was and collided with her on purpose.

I started talking to her like Goofey and said: "Aw shucks…" and then I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her like a bear. She was weirded out, I would imagine, as she had no clue that it was me, until I took off my mask and uttered 4 magical words. "Will you marry me? "Flora nearly fainted, but I caught her just in time. "So is that a yes?" I asked. "It’s a yes, sweety." said Flora.

Proposal Story By:

Vladimir Shpaner

Santa Fe Springs, CA


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