1) Careless Whisper

I am really good at guessing surprises.  After 4 1/2 years of dating through half of high school and college…I was REALLY itching to get engaged.  

I used to have this crazy dream all throughout high school about this amazing night dancing on a rooftop in a beauitful red dress.  My favorite song actually comes from the dream which is called "careless whisper" by WHAM.  As I am dancing on the rooftop a man appears in a tux but I can never see his face.  My friends always tried to guess what the dream might mean, but I never knew and always just loved having it!  

Well, a week after my 21st birthday, I was getting ready to leave at the end of the weekend to go to Las Vegas with my family…I had kind of given up on thinking he would propose by the end of school…so, we both agreed to try this new restaurant in our town called City Vu.  It was really art-deco like and it had a view of the entire city.  It was the first incredibly warm day of the spring and I was just really looking forward to spending time with him.  

So we are sitting in this booth and we just happened to have this REALLY bad waitress.  Things already weren’t going right for me because my mom had left town without calling me and I called her, DURING DINNER, yelling at her on the phone.  My family moved out of my town when I went off to college there.  I was mad about her not calling me and I left a horrible voicemail.  My fiance was also acting really weird…not really seeming like he was into the evening…which made me even MORE mad because we hadn’t gotten very much time to spend together.

He gets up and goes to the bathroom…which, he does ALL the time.  He has a REALLY touchy stomach.  And I’m sitting there for like…15 minutes!  I finally get ready to walk up to someone to see if he is ok and around the corner walks our waitress…with a huge blue box.  She says, "this is for you" and I open it up.  Inside is a red dress and my high heels with a note that says "this is the time in the night when you need a wardrobe change.  change and come downstairs for your cheuffer."

He does really romantic things like this ALL THE TIME so I actually wasn’t really thinking that he was going to propose.  I get changed and realize the tab is taken care of and head downstairs into the lobby.  A woman with a hat stands up and walks me out to a Mercades Smart Car!  She opens the door and ends up driving me to all of the important places in our relationship…a park that we love, our high school etc.  Then she pulls into the back of this building and drops me off leading me to the back door.  

As I walk into the store, I see a stairway leading to the top of the roof.  From the bottom (representing our 1-year anniversary and time together) to the top (representing the present year) are pictures, notes, knicknacks and other crazy things COVERING the walls of the stairwell along with candles and rose pedals.  As I enter onto the rooftop, there is a table with daisies(my favorite) and my favorite cake made by our favorite bakery in town. sitting on a talltop with two stools.  Along with this, is a crown which as I put it on my favorite song begins to play (Careless Whisper).  My fiance walks out on the roof with a mask on and a tux and we begin to dance.  At this point, I’m crying pretty hard.

He walks me a little closer to the edge of the roof and as I look down below on the pavement…my mom, dad, sister all of my roommates, his roommates, his entire family…and his brother and sister in from New Jersey along with high school friends and others…are holding a sign that says: CAN I BE APART OF THE DREAM FOREVER?!

I turn around, and he is on one knee.  I was so excited that I grabbed the ring, put it on my OWN hand and cried!  

As soon as we got done kissing and hugging…our families fill the entire rooftop with cake, coffee, and presents and we have our engagement party RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

🙂 It was better than ANY dream I could have had.

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