1) Ask Me When We Get There

We were on a trip to Denmark by train, and while in the train he had someone send me a message in a bottle. I opened it and it said “Ask me when we get there”.

Well I didn’t know what it meant, but I did just that, I asked him what it meant, and he answered, “that wasn’t the question I’m supposed to ask”.

I looked at him funny, totally confused, but he didn’t say anything further at that time. When we got to our hotel room I was the first one to enter and I saw a large banner hanging over the bed and roses laying all over the place.

The banner was made of silk with a pretty flower pattern, engraved with words,”NOW ASK ME TO MARRY YOU”.

I was blown away by his creativity as any women would I’m sure, and then I saw the ring hanging right in the center of the banner.

He removed it for me and placed the ring on my finger.

We were married 3 days later as this was actually a trip to get married, only I didn’t know it until we arrived in Denmark.


Proposal Story By:

Gabriele Wood

Essex Junction, VT


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