1) Arrested Proposal

What makes a story romantic – is it roses and flowers, kisses and hugs, or boxes of chocolate? I would have to say none of the above is the most romantic. Originality and creativity show a loved one that you care enough to make an effort to show her that you love her. Many people choose to propose in a beautiful setting or other favorite place, this was not one of those proposals.

It all started with ring given by a grandmother of the bride to the groom. The grandmother and bride were very close, best friends some would say. The ring was given to groom because he was going to school and could not afford a ring worthy of the bride’s love. What happened next is what makes the proposal unique.

The groom started by giving a call to the local police station and asking them for a favor. The favor was a simple one, but one that was accompanied by laughs and giggles. The sheriff at the police station agreed to the favor and was more than happy to be of service. The stage was set for a memorable proposal.

The sheriff picked up the groom in his fancy car, sirens blaring. They headed south towards the bride’s home. Small talk accompanied the nerves in the patrol car. A short time later the car arrived at the bride’s home, with the groom handcuffed in the backseat of the patrol car. The sheriff started his slow walk up to the door and knocked sternly on the door. The bride answered the door with a concerned look on her face. He asked her if she knew the person in the picture he showed her, she confirmed. He informed her that the groom had been arrested and that she needed to come out to the car for an official identification. She walked to the car with a concerned and angry look on her face as the groom stayed solemnly in the backseat. She got to the back door and the officer opened it. She started to say "What did you…," but was interrupted by the sight of something on the grooms lap. It was a jewelry box. Before she could say anything else, the groom asked her to marry him. She broke down in tears as both families came out from hiding with cheers and congratulations. All she could say was, Yes!


Proposal Story by:

Jonathan Duncan

Zionsville, IN


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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