1) Alot of Time Apart

My fiance is English and I am American so we spend A LOT OF TIME APART. One day when we were talking on the phone, he asked me "if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?" I gave him my top 10 places, one of which was Prague and we planned fun trips we want to take.

I had planned a trip to visit him for New Years (06-07) and was hoping he would propose then. He actually had to work on New Years Eve AND Day, and had spent the last 2 months telling me how he didn’t have enough money for a ring, since he needs to move to the US. By now I had given up on a proposal.

After he got home from work on the 1st, he went upstairs and started throwing all of my clothing out of my suitcase! I yelled at him, and he told me we were going away for a few days to a town about 30-45 min from his home. The next morning he woke me up at 8 AM and we took off for Leeds. He convinced me we had to park in a parking lot outside of town and take a shuttle in. Once on the shuttle we wound up at the airport, and he headed for the terminal. Once there he pulled out my passport (which he stole!) czech currency and tour books! It felt so weird to be on a plane TOGETHER for once!

Once in Prague, he surprised me with an amazing room in a 5 star hotel. We wandered around the city for the next 2 days, and on our 2nd night there, he took me up to this tower overlooking the castle and city all lit up. We took pictures and nosed around until midnight when we "happened" to come to an overlook. He stopped, pulled me close and got down on one knee. I got everything I always wanted that night!

Proposal Story By:

Holly Lang

Perrysburg, OH


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