Who Am I, Really?

Remove everything you think you know about me, because that’s not who I am underneath it all.

Take away all the labels and jargon, and all the things that I do. Take away what I look like and all my physical attributes, and what is left?  ME.  The ‘me’ of my soul. My spirit. The part of me that was, before I physically became all those labels and jargon and things that I do. The part of me that had a physical beginning, but will know no spiritual end.


But how do I find and recognize that?


First I must get myself alone and simply observe. No labels or physical attributes allowed. No jargon, no likes or dislikes, no attitudes or pre-conceived notions. No expectations or societal demands.


Then I have to keep removing layer upon layer of descriptors and explanations and experiences that have covered up the core of my non-physical identity.


What is at the core? ME


But… Who am I?


I am love, and energy, and creativity. I am pure, blinding, compulsive joy that knows no bounds and spreads far and wide.


Simultaneously infinitesimally small, and beyond comprehensibly vast, who I am has no container if you remove my physical, societal confines.


And when “I” meets “You”

and love meets love

and energy meets energy

and creativity meets creativity

and joy meets joy


in that chemistry

ME becomes WE


So who are WE?  


WE are an explosive force to be reckoned with, and the more WE pool together, our influence sets off such a cacophony of incredibly positive energy that its chain reaction reaches farther than we will likely ever know.


~Donna R. Carter

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