Vol. 8.9 "Expand Your Boundaries"

I would like to share with everyone a story I stumbled across in Bits & Pieces by Rich Horwath. It is adapted from Deep Dive.

Two boys, one 17 and other 10 spent their afternoons free-diving for oysters in hopes of finding ones that contained pearls. Like most of the men from their small coastal village, they learned from a young age how to hold their breath for minutes at a time to swim the depths and explore the treasures of their breath for minutes at a time to swim the depths and explore the treasures of their native waters.

Every evening the boys would meet at the hut of the village elder, who would in quire about their success for the day. The older boy always had a sack filled with oysters to show to the elder. He also shared stories of the adventures he’d experienced during the day’s dive. Meanwhile, the younger boy would sit quietly by, having brought in only a few small oysters and never having any stories to tell.

But one day things changed. “How were your dives, today?” the elder asked the older boy, who offered only an empty sack as he hunched his shoulders.

The elder turned to the younger boy, “And how were your dives today?” The young boy stepped aside to reveal a sack filled with oysters. He turned it over and out poured some of the largest oysters ever found in those waters.

“Where did you find these?” the older boy asked. “We dive in the same waters.”
“Most days we dive in the same waters.” Said the young boy, “but today I went out farther and deeper than we have ever been.

“But how could you go deeper than me? I am older, stronger, and more experienced than you,” the older boy said.

“It is simple, “the young boy said. “Every day as you told your stories, I sat and practiced holding my breath.”



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