Vol. 8.10 “The Gift of Gratitude”

This is a story adapted from Taking Care of Me by Mary Kay Mueller in Bits & Pieces. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

On Monday, Mack Stewart would be celebrating his 20th anniversary with the company. Members of his staff gathered over coffee one afternoon to brainstorm ways to commemorate his big day.

“I’m sure the company has something special planned for him. After all, if it weren’t for Mack we never would’ve met those dead lines on the Sampson and MacGregor projects,” said one worker, “but I’d still like our group to do something special for him.”

“Count me in,” said a fellow from an other department. “When I first started here… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t still be here if Mack hadn’t mentored me through that first year.

“He’s always thinking of others, one woman recalled. And she reminded them that aside from his contribution to the annual department potluck, Mack always brought In sugar free treats and a vegetable tray to accommodate those with dietary restrictions.

The group contacted Mack’s assistant, Flo, to make sure there plans would not interfere with whatever management had planned. Much to their surprise, they learned that because of cutbacks, the company had no budget or plans to honor this beloved employee. They were even more shocked to learn that in the 10 years she’d been his assistant, Flo couldn’t re call one instance where her boss had received a thank you note from anyone.

“That settles it, “some one said, “This Monday is going to be Mack Stewart day in this office!”

When Mack arrived at his desk on that day, he found a mail bin stuffed with envelopes. It contained about 100 letters and small token gifts from his colleagues letting him know just how much they appreciated him. Mack looked up to find a crowd of workers gathering and smiling back at him. “Happy Anniversary,” they cheered.

“Thanks, guys, you’re the best,” he said as he held up a box of bagels and doughnuts. “I brought in some treats. Let’s celebrate.

Sometimes we forget that one of the most precious gifts you can give a person is an acknowledgement of gratitude. No matter how busy you are today, make some time to show appreciation to someone who has touched your life.