Vol 7.6 "I will never surrender?" June 2, 2008

Senator McCain says, ‘I will never surrender in Iraq.’ Geez, I didn’t know he
was in Iraq. The last time I saw a picture of Senator McCain in Iraq, he was
wearing body armor head to toe and was being protected by a small entourage of
soldiers. When he says, ‘I,’ doesn’t he mean ‘us?’ If he becomes leader of
the free world, are we stuck holding Iraq in our hands’ until what? Iraq
surrenders? The Shiites surrender? Al Qaeda? Sunnis? Iranians? If two
forces are at war and both take the position that neither will ever surrender,
then what? What about a mutual surrender? Senator McCain acts like Iraq is
ours. I know we broke it but we don’t own it. You can only surrender
something that you own, have control of, or something that you possess. We
don’t own Iraq; we never did, and never will. When an American dies in Iraq;
isn’t he surrendering his or her life? If the whole never surrenders but
enough pieces of the whole surrender, what happens to the whole? Senator
McCain, please understand that Americans have been surrendering their lives
everyday for the last five years in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no
dishonor in surrendering your life for a cause, a flag, a freedom, belief, a
country. Why are you making surrendering a dirty word? Why are you giving it
so much power? If no one surrenders, nobody wins. If nobody wins, everyone
loses. If everyone loses, what’s the point?

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