Vol 7.1 "Be Grateful" January 8, 2007

Be grateful! Sounds simple enough. First and foremost, be happy with who we
are today; not who we were yesterday or hope to be tomorrow. Let’s love
ourselves now! I know we’re not perfect, but we won’t be perfect tomorrow or
in a thousand tomorrows. It is our imperfections, our idiosyncrasies that
make us who we are. So now that you’re grateful for yourself (even if you
have ten pounds of holiday cheer on you), then you’re ready to tackle other
issues. By the way, even if you’re overweight (odds are you are; we all are),
the way to let go of that weight is not by condemning it but by thanking it
for being a part of you and then letting it go. You can’t let go of anything
you hate. Hate draws fat; love and forgiveness let it go.

Okay, next, let’s talk about things–stuff. If you are like most people, you
are always thinking about the new stuff you want to add to your old stuff
without even considering if you really need any new stuff or have room for
it. Here’s a test. Look around your house, in your closets, and open all
your drawers and cabinets. Are they full of stuff? If yes, then you can’t
get new stuff. But, you say, ‘Fred, I really, really, really want some new
stuff!’ Then, new stuff has to have a place to go, or you can’t get it. Go
through your house and get rid of/ sell/ donate 80% of the stuff you don’t
use anymore. It’s very simple; if you haven’t looked at it or used it in a
year, then it needs to go. Once you’ve done a good house cleaning, then you
can think about new stuff but only if you ask yourself one question, ‘am I
happy now?’ If you aren’t, new stuff won’t make you happy for long.
Sometimes, new stuff can harm happy because every new thing comes with
added responsibility. If you have too many things to take care of, then
you will get stressed. If you get stressed out, you will kill happy! Do
you really want to kill happy? Think before you buy.

On to people. How many people have blessed your life that you don’t spend
much, or any time, with? How many friends or family members do you have that
are low on your priority list but you would beg for one more day with them if
they were gone tomorrow? Can you think of anyone? I bet you can. Be
grateful for your friends and family by spending time with them, not by text
messaging them when it’s convenient. Is being grateful easy? No, not at
first. It takes practice but it gets easier with time.

During Christmas break, my wife ran across this posting on CraigsList under
the ‘men seeking women’ section. It is titled, ‘Homeless no more!! ‘” 30’


Today is your lucky day! As I type this from the Houston Public library
computer I am glad to announce that I am no longer homeless! I am now the
proud owner of a 1976 van complete with wizard and unicorn mural. It runs a
little rough but a mattress fits in the back and there’s a rusted out hole in
the floor allowing me to make potty in privacy instead of behind a dumpster.
I cover it with a rug and beyond the occasional rat poking around the hole I
have little problem with it. With running water courtesy of the local bayou I
am set to receive visitors. Who’s going to be the lucky lady to be wined and
dined by candlelight in the back of my van? We’ll start off with a nice oil
massage from my WD-40 can and I’ll serve you a three course meal from
McDonalds (yes we get fries; I’m not cheap). It promises to be a night you
never forget. I promise to whisper all the sweet nothings you want to hear
into your ears in French. Find out how a new homeowner lives, and loves.

About me: former convict wrongly convicted, kickass tattoo of a dragon on my
leg, mullet, nice build, 6 foot three. ‘

If the man in this ad can be grateful for the things he has in his life, how
tough should it be for you to stop putting off grateful and be grateful now?
Love who you are; love what you have, and be grateful you have people who love
you. Most of all, just be grateful.

Talk to you next time,


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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