Vol 6.1 "The White Room" JANUARY 1, 2007

Imagine that you wake up in an all white room. In this room you don’t know who you are or how you got
there. Other than the corner of the room that you occupy, the rest of the room seems to go on forever.
After a while you are informed that two members of the white room are responsible for you being there.
They are people you have never met but know everything about you. You are also told the room has
rules; they are as follows:
1. You may leave anytime you like but if you do you will not be allowed to
return. (There are numerous exit signs placed throughout the room and
clearly marked).
2. If you leave you have no say in where you go. Your only guarantee is that
you get to leave.
3. While you are in the white room you will not be allowed to talk or ask
questions for a minimum of one year. There is a possibility you may never
be allowed to communicate.
4. As time passes, if you are one of the chosen, food, water and shelter will
be made available. If you are not one of the chosen, you will have to
fight for food, water and shelter.
5. At some point when you least expect it, you will be forced to leave the
white room.
6. Social interaction is allowed but possibly costly since anyone in the white
room you meet has the power to have you thrown out if they please. You
possess the same power.
7. There are no duties that are required from you to stay in the white room;
you are welcome to do nothing for your entire stay.
8. For those who like to work, chores will be available in exchange for tokens.
9. Tokens can be collected or used to purchase goods or services.
10.When you are removed, kicked out or volunteer to leave the white room you
will not be allowed to leave with anything you acquired while in the white

These are the rules; imagine you are in the white room. What would you do? Any idea?
Well guess what? You’d better figure it out because you are in the white room now’

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