Vol 5.3 "Between Iraq and a Hard Place" March 3, 2006

Dear Friends,

It’s March 3, 2006, 3:12 p.m. Around the corner from my office is a restaurant called Ouisie’s. They
have some of the best chicken fried steak with butter soaked mashed potatoes, and fresh grilled
asparagus on the side. Oh, and, a small pitcher of warm, creamy gravy touched off with a dusting of
freshly ground pepper to pour over it all. Yummy!! As appetizers we get mini cornbread and biscuits and
a slab of more butter in case your cholesterol needs some help up the mountain. Outside, it is a breezy
72 degrees (tough Houston winter) with a slight comforting chill in the shade. The tree leaves are green
with yellow highlights as if they had just been to the hairdresser. And it’s Friday. A couple of days ago
my wife’s brother was on his way to Iraq in a 17 hour convoy. Being in the Navy Reserves this is his first
tour and hopefully his last. He had to say goodbye to his new wife and young baby daughter as well as
the rest of us. I’m proud of him.

On TV yesterday, I saw a tape of President Bush at his ranch the day before Katrina telling FEMA that the
government was ready and able for the worst the storm could muster. Did I tell you I had two
cornbreads? I also ate some deviled eggs! The situation in Iraq I hear may escalate to a civil war.
Would we have to leave? You know it wasn’t too many years ago my Dad and I were in New Orleans for
the Super Bowl. I think Green Bay won. Have you ever seen Terror? I’m constantly reminded that we
are at war with Terror. How do we fight an enemy we can’t see? How do we know when we’ve won? I
read they extended the Patriot Act the other day. How does limiting my freedom make me free? Does
wire tapping come under the Patriot Act? By the way, wars aren’t free. This one has cost $411 billion with
a request for $65 billion more. What will be the human cost? My lunch cost $42.11 before tip. I left a
15% tip. The service wasn’t that good. Our Armed Services are. There are a lot of things in this world I
wish I didn’t know. Ignorance can be bliss. Did I mention I had chicken fried steak for lunch?

Talk to you next time,

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