Vol 5.2 "Immortality" February

Dear Friends,

Have you ever been told you were going to die? Think about it for a second. We all know we are going to
die but has anyone ever given you an expiration date?

A little over six months ago I started experiencing a myriad of health problems. I got to ride in an
ambulance because it was believed I was having a heart attack (read ‘Weigh Station’, in a previous
newsletter). A couple of months later I got another ride in an ambulance because it was believed I was
having a stroke (I wasn’t). Then I was diagnosed with cancer (Beat it). I got to see the boundaries of
my sanity because I thought I could function on less than 4 hours sleep a day so I could work more. That
got me hospitalized two more times for exhaustion. The Diamond Guy does not equal Superman.

Then, when I believed all this was finally over and I promised my doctors I would slow down and smell
the roses, the doctors decided to run one-last-test — an MRI. I should also point out that during this
period I was more clumsy, than usual (tripping over my own feet); had a loss of equilibrium; unexplained
bruising on my body; and extreme pain in places too numerous to mention. Like I said, they were just
going to run one last test to be on the safe side.


Have you ever met Depression? I have. I was recently introduced to him by a few doctors I know. I
have always been one to like everyone, but I don’t like Depression.

Depression makes you doubt what you’ve done and criticizes what you plan to do. It makes you sleepy
when you want to be awake and keeps you awake when you need sleep. Depression kidnaps your joy of
life but you still have to fight the alligators. Unfortunately Bad News and Depression like to hang
out together. I should have seen it coming, but Depression is a hard thing to admit to yourself and
others. I’m writing about this hoping that others who are going through what I’m still going through
will not lose faith and it helps me. This morning when I woke up I realized a few things:
‘My wife loves me fat or thin
‘My parents love me even when I do dumb things
‘My friends love me even when I forget to show up
‘My dogs love me just because, and Doctors don’t know everything!
I’m going to be happy today. I’ll deal with tomorrow later.


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
Fred The Diamond Guy
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