Vol 3.8 "Four Triads" August 11, 2004

It’s Wednesday August 11, 1:30 PM. Today I asked people I know what one
question they would ask if they were guaranteed the answer. I got the
following responses:

1. ‘Why are men assholes?’
2. ‘What are the lotto numbers?’
3. ‘Will my daughter get married and live a happy life?’
4. ‘When will I die?’
5. ‘What happens after death?’
6. ‘Who is the Creator?’
7. ‘Why can’t men have babies?’

What amazed me more than the questions, was the number of people who didn’t
have or want any questions answered. How can anyone live on this planet and
not have questions? It appeared people couldn’t be bothered or didn’t want to
go through the mental exercise. Funny, people want answers but they won’t
take the time to wonder what the questions are. One person joked that the
reason they didn’t have questions was because they already knew everything.
Seriously, would you really want to know everything?

In a few months, we will know who our new president is; if the NHL will have a
new season and how long it took for 1000 American lives to be lost in another
game of high stakes poker in Iraq. The unknown will become the known. Some
unknowns will stay unknown.

Do you, the reader, have any questions? It’s not so important that you get
the answers to your questions as it is to just have the questions. Someone
once said you should question everything and doubt nothing. What do you think
they meant by that?

As far as the questions that were asked, here are my answers’not necessarily
the answers:

1. Why are men assholes? Because you let them.
2. What are the lotto numbers? Usually between one and fifty.
3. Will my daughter get married and live a happy life? According to the
U.S. Census, there is a 76.4% chance your daughter will grow up and be
married and happiness is always a 50/50 proposition.
4. When will I die? When you stop appreciating all the gifts God gave you.
5. What happens after death? Life goes on.
6. Who is the Creator? The one who started it all out of nothing.
7. Why can’t men have babies? They’re not tough enough.

I’ll leave you with a quote by author and historian Forrest
McDonald. ‘Whether I am sick or healthy, or cold or comfortable, or honored
and respected or despised and kicked and beaten, even that I shall soon be
leaving, all is trivial compared to the fact that I got here. I am a miracle,
and so, dear reader, are you.’

Here’s a sneak peek at next month’s Article of the Month.
The Secret of the Four Triads

Talk to you next month,

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