Vol 3.2 "Where Did The Time Go?" February 11, 2004

It’s 12:00 PM, February 11th, 2004. In less than three days it will
be Valentine’s Day. That’s exactly 60 hours from now. Attached and
unattached men all over the world will be taking their significant other or
soon-to-be significant other out for a night on the town. Maybe a nice meal,
a show. Some guys will avoid the whole scene, declare they’re just not
romantic and treat the day like any other day.

As a society we like to assign meaning to days: Days for remembrance
(Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Veterans’ Day), days to be romantic
(Valentine’s Day), days for predicting (Groundhog Day), and days to celebrate
time passage (birthdays, anniversaries, deaths), just to name a few. Add to
these, religious and national holidays and weekends to rest and play and we
pretty much fill up a whole calendar year. We spend our time sometimes just
waiting for something to happen, and then reminiscing when the moment has
passed. We spend our time trying to be older, and then complain when we are
too old. The one thing every one of us on this planet has in common is that
the clock is ticking for each of us. Some of us spend time wisely, while
others squander away minutes or hours without thought. For most of you, come
Saturday night, you’ll find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When you’re
done, take just a moment to ask yourself, ‘Did I have a good time?’ Maybe
that question is worth asking every day. Time is the most precious commodity
we have. Here are a few facts and figures you may be interested in.

Talk to you next month.


By Fred Cuellar

Statistically during your lifetime you will spend:

‘ 214,500 hours sleeping
‘ 18,720 hours in school preparing for a job you may or may not love
‘ 32,586 hours doing that first job only to get fired or resign and
spend 65,173 hours in at least two new careers
‘ 53,944 hours trying to relax from your job where you spend most of
your time
‘ 81,139 hours acquiring and eating food
‘ 27,046 hours dieting to lose the weight you gained by acquiring and
eating food
‘ 12,448 hours lying on a beach, in the mountains or at Disneyland
‘ 80,917 hours watching T.V.
‘ 3,705 hours going to the movies
‘ 8,892 hours being sick
‘ 17,784 hours taking care of others who are sick
‘ 80,917 hours thinking about the future
‘ 80,917 hours thinking about the past
‘ 53,944 hours trying to get somewhere only to spend 53,944 hours trying
to get back
‘ 15,412 hours shopping and 23,119 hours returning gifts
‘ 53,944 hours waiting in lines
‘ 11,559 hours gaining or losing your religion
‘ 60 hours going to weddings and funerals
‘ 80,917 hours doing nothing and 26,972 hours trying to forget the
things you’ve done

Besides the people who ‘do time,’ this is how most of you will spend your time
on Earth. If we add it all up, it equals 1,017,642 hours. Here’s the sad
part; statistically, only the lucky ones will live 650,000 hours. You’re
367,642 hours over! You’d better do some cutting back. Question is–where do
you cut? Final question: When you’re at the end of your life, adding it all
up, will you be happy how you spent your time?

P.S. You spent two minutes reading this.

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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