Your advice really paid off


I want to personally thank you for the assistance and guidance you provide in the past few weeks. I proposed on Saturday morning and it was a tremendous success…. I really appreciate the time you took during the ring selection process and more importantly the actually proposal advice you provided. Your advice really paid off. It was a tremendous success. Here is a summary of the final version:

I arrived at 9:00am on Valentine’s Day with a 7 member mariachi band at her childhood home. I set up at the steps of the house leading to her bedroom door. I had the mariachi band behind me in a semi circle, her father to my left as I knelt on one knee holding a long stem red rose (ring at my side). Surrounding me was a bed of rose petals that led up the stairs to her door. I gave the signal and the mariachi band started playing Las Mañanitas “one of her favorite songs and a popular serenation song. As she came to the door, she looked out and started crying. Eventually she made her way out and I gave her the rose (her family was standing to the side — off to the right). After taking the rose, I reach over and picked up the ring box. I said my speech and opened the box as I asked her to marry me. After she said YES, we eventually went to the house and celebrated with her family as the mariachi band play continued to play. We finished up with a family breakfast.

Again, thanks for all your advice and the ring looks great! I have passed your name on and my positive experience with you onto some friends who are thinking about taking the same journey.

I am sure I will be back in there soon!

Take care and Best Regards,
David Mancuso

You have made a customer for life


I just wanted to say thank you for your help in designing and purchasing an engagement ring. I picked it up a week ago and it is just amazing. The diamond is absolutely beautiful — more so than I ever even dreamed it would be. As a college student on a limited budget, I am grateful for how you worked with me to help me find something within my price range as stunning as the ring I was able to get. The ease and peace of mind I had dealing with you makes me wonder why anyone would go through a jewelry store. Yourself and Julie were very helpful and accommodating. I can’t wait to see the look on my girlfriend’s face when I propose. You have made a customer for life. When we begin to go through the process of picking out wedding rings, we will be in contact again. Who better to help pick out something that will be a perfect match to such an awesome engagement ring??? Thanks so much Fred — Julie too, I really do appreciate everything.

Jamie Hutchison

Proud owner of a beautiful box radiant brilliant bonded diamond offset

Dear Fred:

A year ago, I would not have thought this day would be possible – a day where I would be writing a thank you letter to someone so special – a new friend in my life. Last year, I was going through a deep depression and didn’t know if life was worth living. It turns out that I had a serious medical condition and with the support of a loving husband and family, I am a new person. The Lord has blessed me so much throughout my life and He is still blessing me today. Not only do I have my health back, but I also have a beautiful diamond ring thanks to my aforementioned new friend, Rick Antona.

Approximately ten years ago, I misplaced my diamond engagement ring and when I went to replace it I found that the information, or should I say misinformation, I received from various jewelers was so conflicting and overwhelming that I decided not to replace my ring.

As I am getting older and wiser, I realize life is too short, so my husband and I decided it was time to replace my diamond. After all, I need to have something special to pass down to my daughter. Through an Internet search, The Lord led me to your website and it turned out to be the best search of my life. When I saw I won a prize, I was suspicious and expected to receive advertisements, spam, etc. Instead, I received the most valuable book on diamonds as well as access to a helpline that led me to a “real” diamond professional, Rick Antona. His knowledge and honesty was impressive. He was actually more concerned about my “budget” than I. Thank you, Rick, for keeping me on track.

Well, I am pleased to say I am now the proud owner of a beautiful box radiant brilliant bonded diamond offset by my favorite cut of baguettes in a platinum setting. Now that I actually see a well-cut diamond, all I could say is WOW! Talk about ice crystals. This diamond is fabulous! The entire ring sparkles.

Thank you, Rick, for your guidance, patience and sincerity. I speak from my heart when I say I made a new friend. Thank you, Fred, for sharing your knowledge and expertise with novices such as myself. Although I have not spoken with you directly, my instinct tells me you are an exceptional man. Rick and Julie have confirmed my intuitive feeling. Above all, thank you God, for proving that there are people out there who really do care about others and are not just out for themselves and the bottom line of profit.

I look forward to working with you again in the future and will be referring you to many of my friends.

Happy and Blessed Holidays,
Barbara G. from Pennsylvania

The clarity and the delicate design of the ring are awesome


My name is Reiko Harpending. Yesterday, I received a wonderful ring. I would like to thank you for all your help in assisting my husband to purchase the perfect diamond ring for me. It is just beautiful. The clarity and the delicate design of the ring are awesome. It is very elegant. I will treasure it and enjoy wearing it everyday. I am captured by the beauty of the diamond. I might give my husband a hard time asking for more rings and necklaces. Thank you again for your willingness to help us. Appreciating my diamond ring has really motivated me to study more about diamonds. I will read the book you sent us again or many times to familiarize myself with diamonds. Have a good weekend.

Reiko Harpending

Reiko Harpending

Overwhelmed by the level of service provided

Dear Mr. Cuellar,

My name is Will Bosdell. I purchased your book earlier this year, when I began to shop for an engagement ring. The book was excellent. It gave me the knowledge to feel confident in looking at and speaking about diamonds. I have recommended it to all my friends who are shopping.

My reason for writing is to praise Rick Antona. I took your advice and called the “My Gemologist” number and was overwhelmed by the level of service provided. To be honest, I was fully expecting to be called or get sales pitches after giving him my information. Needless to say, I was never bothered; instead, Rick became my main source of opinion. He helped me in understanding what the different terminology meant and how to correlate to what the book talked about. With his assistance I was able to find a reputable jeweler and obtain a diamond that was beyond my expectations.

The services you, Rick, and Diamond Cutters are providing are a refreshing reminder that there are still honest, helpful people in the business world. I don’t know how else to express my gratitude for all the help provided.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Will Bosdell

You made what could have been a very nervewracking experience, a fairly comfortable one


I just wanted to thank you both very much for your help with the purchase of our engagement ring. My fiance (I love the sound of that!!) and I met with Fred when we came down toHoustonin June. We really enjoyed our visit. Daniel proposed to me on the fourth of July amidst my family in Buffalo, NY. My grandmother had recently been diagnosed with cancer and it meant the world to her to be able to see us get engaged. (I’m her youngest grandchild, and the last to be married!) She was absolutlely thrilled, as was I.

Thank you both very much for your help and for answering all of our questions. Thank you for working with Daniel to get the beautiful ring delivered and for all of the cleaning supplies you sent with it. That was very thoughtful.

I will be in touch once we begin thinking about the wedding bands. We haven’t started to plan the wedding yet and thus have not picked a date. We are both very close to finishing our doctoral degrees and have been busy writing our dissertations and looking for jobs! It is a very exciting time for us.

Thank you both again for your patience and help. It was very much appreciated. You made what could have been a very nervewracking experience, a fairly comfortable one. Thank you!

Take care,
Holly Gurbacki
Daniel Therriault

Without your help I would still be looking today

To Everyone at Diamond Cutters International,

I received the ring this morning. It is beautiful and I know she will love it. I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given me in finding a diamond. After reading Fred’s book, I really wanted to find a quality diamond at a reasonable price. In my area I couldn’t even find a jeweler who would give me the diamond info. I wanted. Without your help I would still be looking today and wondering if there was a good jeweler on this earth.

Thanks again,
Charlie Wilkins

My story has a happy ending

Hi the Staff at Diamond Cutters International,

I want to thank you again for making this whole process a great experience. I have read many a horror story about working with dealers over the internet, but I am glad to say that my story has a happy ending. The whole process, from design to finished product, has been nothing but enjoyable. Rick, you have been great to work with during these past few weeks. Even though we had to converse via the internet or phone, your attentivness to every detail and continual contact with me ensured me that personal visits were not necessary. You and Neil were able to take my designs and create two spectacular rings that I will enjoy for the rest of my life!!!

With great thanks and appreciation
Susan Ardizzone

Confident in the knowledge that you could offer me

Dear Everyone at Diamond Cutters,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help with my recent engagement ring purchase. I must admit that I had heard several horror stories about the process from acquaintances of mine. Thankfully, a close friend let me borrow his 2nd edition of “How to Buy a Diamond” and I immediately felt more prepared to start the process.

The first time we had a chance to speak, I recognized the level of your professionalism. I knew that you were very confident in the knowledge that you could offer me, and I placed a lot of value in that. You sent me the 4th edition of the book to better inform me of the updated information involved in the diamond buying process. Knowledge is power, I simply could not agree with you more.

After visiting several local jewelers, I realized what the market had to offer. Unfortunately, I also realized what some merchants were able to impose on buyers simply because of ignorance. Every time I had a question, you were able to respond promptly and in essence give me a better understanding of the particulars of my situation.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration, devotion, and dedication to my happiness with the purchase of my engagement ring. I was so impressed with the quality of the stone that you cut for me. Thanks again for sending it to the GIA for independent certification. My fiancé was in awe the night that I finally proposed. Even though the sun had set, the stone sparkled like it was the bright of day.

I hope to educate friends of mine who follow in my footsteps, and I will inform them of Diamond Cutters International. In time, I hope that more and more consumers become aware of what your company has to offer because I feel like I not only performed a business transaction, but I also found a friend.
Thanks again for all your help, Rick. I sincerely appreciate all your time in helping me make a dream come true.

Brian J. Hertz, MD

Blown away by its beauty and sparkle

Dear Fred,

Thank you for all your help in getting a perfect engagement ring. My Fiancé, Megan, was blown away by its beauty and sparkle. She has received so many compliments in the first few days, particularly on the Lucida setting. I can’t thank you enough for making the whole process so easy and hassle-free. We will certainly be in touch about wedding bands at some point in the future.


Most informative book relating to buying Diamonds

Dear DCI Staff,

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for helping me along in the selection process for this exquisite diamond and diamond engagement ring. I felt you were not just a sales associate, but also a genuine educator and a friend helping in the selection process. I read the book “How to Buy a Diamond” which is the most informative book relating to buying Diamonds I have ever found. I really enjoyed all the personal stories Fred wrote in his book as well as the easy to understand technical Diamond lingo. I feel like not only have I bought a fantastic Diamond engagement ring, but I have made two new friends. Mr. Grayland Noah & Mr.Fred Cuellar! With my somewhat limited budget you gentleman made my day, month, year to be able to put such quality stone so beautiful on my future wife’s finger. I can tell you that my fiancée Jill was more than surprised by the quality of the Diamond and how it just sparkled from across the room when I proposed to her at Brennans of Houston on Valentines Day. Several couples commented on just how beautiful and sparkly the Diamond was. I also want to mention that I feel like I can trust both of you; Grayland because of my personal experience buying a diamond from you and Fred, because after reading his book there is no doubt that he is truly a good person who places genuine interest in people, integrity and caring for the fellow man. You will certainly have my repeat business along with as many friends and co-workers I can tell my wonderful experience to. Thanks again!

Most beautiful ring in the world


I just wanted to say “thank you” for the most beautiful ring in the world. The diamonds are unbelievable. I get comments in restaurants on how lovely my ring is! I just love it. The design is perfect for me! I LOVE THIS RING! Thank you again for being so nice to Kurt & I. We’ll be contacting you shortly for the wedding band.


So helpful to my asking the right questions

I just wanted to thank Fred very much for sending me a copy of the book. I read and re-read it, and the information was so helpful to my asking the right questions. We chose three high-quality loose diamonds and had them set by the jeweler. I love my ring. Thanks again so very much.


Buy the latest edition of How to Buy a Diamond

To Everyone at Diamond Cutters,

Many belated thanks for helping me with the seemingly insurmountable task of finding the perfect diamond for my true love. I do not know how I could have successfully navigated the confusing diamond industry with all the dishonest and misleading sales persons and companies. In my own business (and in my personal life) I reward people who deliver excellent service with my repeat business and by suggesting their business to other people. I have told many of my friends who are thinking about getting engaged that they must buy the latest edition of How to Buy a Diamond. I know of no other way to reward you. Thanks for your help.


It has proven to have saved us quit a bit of money


Yesterday you got back to me in regards to a diamond that is I1-G-0.59. It was priced to me at $2150 and you advised it was twice that of what I should be paying. I went to the jeweler last night and basically asked her why such a mark up of twice the actual cost? She actually brought the cost down to $1200 for that same diamond. Thanks for your advice. It has proven to have saved us quit a bit of money. Thx


It is unique and detailed and so perfect

To Whom it May Concern,

I am the new fiance of Justin Holy. He proposed to me about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to write to say thank you for working with Justin. The ring is absolutely beautiful; I love everything about it! It is unique and detailed and so perfect. Just as a quick story, as a compliment to you and the craftsmanship of Diamond Cutters International… I had to work the day after Justin proposed to me and that morning didn’t tell a single person that we had gotten engaged the night before. I didn’t have to because this ring spoke for me. I received many compliments from fellow employees. Customers even noticed without ever a word from me. These strangers could just see how alive and beautiful the diamonds are in this ring. I am amazed!

Many thanks to you and your craftsmen. You have created a ring that will hold very special memories for Justin and I.

Kaitlin Schoeffield

Assistance in selecting an engagement ring

I am writing to give my sincere thanks for the assistance that you provided me in selecting an engagement ring. My name is Shane (from Washington DC) and I spoke with you twice about a month ago regarding some diamonds I had looked at from Mervis Diamond Importers. You narrowed down my choice to one stone and told me to have the exact pavilion angle checked out. I took your advice and the numbers came out right so I went ahead and made the purchase. My fiance absolutely loves her diamond and the sparkle couldn’t be brighter. She was doubly impressed when she found out that I had gotten advice from “The Diamond Guy®”.

Your book was excellent in giving me an education on diamond shopping and for you to take two phone calls from me was way above the call of duty. I have already recommended your book to two friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Shane Hibbard, Washington, DC

Looking for something special

I am deaf and was looking for a special engagement ring for my financé. I always do research before I make decisions. I came across Fred’s book in an old bookstore. I was very lucky to stumble across it. I visited all the jewelry stores in the area and was not satisfied with their offers. I felt that I was getting ripped off and most of them didn’t take the time to understand and communicate with me due to my deafness. I called Fred through the relay system on the phone and he was very patient and calm. He had a deaf friend and he wanted to learn fingerspelling.

I felt that I came to the right place. Fred walked me through everything via the phone/relay system. 3 weeks later, I received the best looking diamond ring I ever received. It was 3/4 carat. My family and friends remarked on how gorgeous it looked even beating some 1.5 carats diamond that we had in our family. I will always be grateful to Fred for taking the time to communicate with me. Due to this, he will always have a loyal customer in me and all purchases from me will be made through DCI in the future.

Billy Mauldin, West Carrollton, OH

Do not despair

Do not despair — the great diamond hunt is not that bad. Thankfully, after reading Fred’s book I was able to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of many jewelers. A sucker is born every day. In my opinion, a uneducated consumer is a naive consumer. With the help of Fred’s book and a few phone calls with Fred, I found and purchased a beautiful diamond at a GREAT price. Let’s just say that she loves the engagement ring. My advice to diamond seekers is patience, persistence, and education. I would recommend Fred’s book to any of my friends. Thank you Fred.

Robert Audet, Alexandria, VA

A beautiful symbol of my love.

As a student, getting the best diamond for my somewhat small budget was a major concern. Fred sent me a free copy of his book “How to Buy a Diamond” and I read it before meeting with him. I found it to be very helpful in helping me to decide what kind of diamond I wanted and the budget that I had when I went to meet with Fred.

First I was very impressed that the CEO and President was the one to sit down with me and explain what types of diamonds would fit into my budget. He made me feel very comfortable and I truly believe that his number one concern was to help me pick the perfect ring for my future fiancee, not to make a profit or sale. He explained everything very clearly and showed me many different diamonds. When we finished I had a beautiful .5 carat diamond with baguettes on a platinum ring. It was much more than I had expected to get in my budget.

Six months later I proposed to my fiancee on her front porch where we had our first kiss 9 years earlier. It looks beautiful on her hand, and I know that if not for Fred and his help, I wouldn’t have been able to give her such a beautiful symbol of my love.

Benjamin Smith, York, PA

What I learned from him about life


I just got back to my office after spending over two hours with you (per a one-hour appt.) and although my work has piled up, I felt compelled (prior to getting back to work), to first write you a note to express my most sincere thanks. Actually I was going to write you a personal note of thanks but did not find your e-mail address so I went to your web-site and saw this opportunity to share my story.
What I want people to know about my experience is the fact that I went to buy my fiance a wedding ring and ended up spending most of my time simply glued to your every word as you so kindly shared your experiences, lessons and thoughts about life. Here I am discussing what is really important in life, with the CEO of this diamond organization. Alanis Morsette needs to adds this to her list of ironies!

For the sake of brevity in hopes that people will read this, the main point I want to share about my experience is that without a doubt, you are the type of person I would trust with my life. I mention this because to me, the number one criteria in buying a diamond was finding someone I could totally trust. I say this because I believe there are many people knowledgable about diamonds, but what is most important is being about to trust someone.

Think about any similar situation. For example, when you take your car in for repairs, do you usually worry about whether the person is competent or is it more, do you trust them. Don’t get me wrong, being competent is absolutely a necessity, (which by the way, I found out Fred is the one who literally wrote the book on diamonds), but from my point of view, trust is what we are desperately looking for and are all too often disappointed.

Believe me on this one folks. When I hear the CEO talking from the bottom of his heart about listening and looking for opportunities to help people because that is where true fulfillment and joy comes from, and that we are all family, I need say no more. By the way, before I forget, I did buy the most beautiful diamond for my most beautiful fiance Sandra, at an incredibly fair price. As I review what I just wrote, you may be asking yourself, why would someone take the time to do this? There must be a catch. He must be getting something. You are right in that I am getting something, but it is not what you may think.

My hopes are that you all can relate to sometime in your life when something really great happened to you and you wanted to share it with the rest of the world, particularly so others can also have that same great experience. It is the same as giving someone a gift. Well, this is definitely one of them and this is my gift. This is also my way of saying thanks to Fred not only for the beautiful diamond I got, but from what I learned from him about life.

Jim Nowinski, El Lago, TX

Fred Cuellar and his staff are what made me passionate about diamonds

Fred Cuellar and his staff are what made me passionate about diamonds. Before I knew about his services, I had no knowledge or care for the diamond I would eventually choose to propose with. I figured I’d go to a jeweler and buy something sparkly and decent.

After reading his book I became a man whose passion for diamonds led me to interview every major jeweler in Metro Seattle to find the proper stone. Through talking with the DCI staff, I knew exactly what it was I was looking for, and I eventually found it. Without their help, I would have paid far more for an inferior stone whose price was more to pay the rent of some mall store (do not EVER buy from mall stores by the way) than to reflect the quality of the craftmanship.
But that’s not the most important part. Through dealing with Fred and his staff, I knew I was in the presence of something greater than just jewelry shopping. DCI is about one thing: people. People who are as selfless and caring as possible, in an industry that is thriving on the opposite. Anyone looking for the best customer service when searching for the perfect ring, look no further. Fred and his staff are the best!

P.S. Read ALL of Fred’s books. It ain’t just about jewelry, folks; it’s about life and how to live it.

Steve Johnson, Kirkland WA

“How To Buy A Diamond” was most helpful and the single best investment I have ever made

Dear Fred,

While I am certain that you receive daily thank you notes for your advice and books, I thought it appropriate to add to the number. Your book “How To Buy A Diamond” was most helpful and the single best investment I have ever made. I’m certain that the book at a cost of $15 saved me at least $2000 and ensured the purchase of a high quality stone as an engagement ring for my fiance. In a world where common sense is not all that common, it is great to see that one of the good guys actually succeed helping others through your approach to business and life in general. May you continue to enjoy the fruits of success through your work.

I unhesitatingly recommend your book to anyone thinking of making a diamond purchase for an engagement ring!!

I also find your website to rank among the best that I have visited. Many thanks again!

John Resline