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Dee Doan Staff asked 2 years ago

Good afternoon Fred,
I am deployed to Afghanistan and there is a jewler here that sells diamond rings/diamonds that are from India. He has certification cards for all his rings/diamonds but i am still sceptic. There is no way for me to get it appraised, no way for me to conduct any type of professional test and I dont want to waste my money on something that may be a fake.
They look VERY real, and some of them even have some yellow color to them. As well, I preformed the fog test and the fog went away almost instantaneously. There were also some inclusions visable through a spectical. Lastly, on the loose diamonds he had, I tried to read through it, and could not see any words at all. However, there would be no recourse if I get it back to the states and it turns out to be a fake so that makes me even more leary. I really want to get my wife a new ring, but dont want to get ripped off.
There are loops there, and I have used them but still cant tell if they are real or fake. I do know they can creat lab diamonds that look like the real thing.
Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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Dee Doan Staff answered 2 years ago

They are so many ways to pass off a fake as the real thing that could even fool a gemologist at first glance. I wouldnt risk it. Buy your diamond in the States where the jeweler can be accountable.

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