What is the price range?


Hi Fred, I’m looking for a round brilliant cut diamond and would like to get your opinion.
Here are the specs from GIA cert:
1.52 cts clarity IF color D
Polish and symmetry: excellent
Fluorescence: none
Table: 57%
Crown angle: 33 degree
Crown height: 14%
Girdle : 3%
Total depth: 60.1%
Pavilion angle: 40.8 degree
Pavilion depth : 43%
Culet : none
Cut grade: excellent
Measurement: 7.48-7.51x 4.50mm

Price: USD 34000
Comments: surface graining is not shown. Minor details of polish are not shown

How much do you think is a fair price for this diamond? Thank you


Hi Perry,

These numbers for the proportions doesn’t add up. It is not something uncommon if it came from a lab report. But to truly tell if you got a fair deal, ask the seller for a Sarin/Megasope report for a more accurate description of proportions.