Unhappy in current job


I hate my job, every day my first thought is I wish I could do something else. The problem is, I make good money at what I do. I also make more at what I do then police officers, teachers, nurses etc… I just think it would be silly to go back to school, just to graduate and go into a profession where I would make less money than I do now, not to mention the lovely student loan debt I would have as well. I have 2 children that I have to support- if it weren’t for them, I would have already gone back to school and just sucked up the financial loss so I could be happy. It seems like a hopeless situation to me, do you see it that way too?


What example are you setting for your children? If life was about being unhappy, would you want that for them? If you’re not fulfilled, what can you give to them? Follow your heart and soul – you deserve it and so do your children.

All the best,