My Girls Guy Friend


I have been with my girlfriend for nearly 3 years now. Recently she moved 8hrs away to attend law school. Since I have moved down with her but she had a good 3 months away from me. While apart she met friends at law school. One friend happens to be a male. When they first met she thought he was gay. He has many a gay attributes but he hasn’t stated whether he is or isn’t so fact of the matter is he’s straight until he says he isn’t. Well they have a fairly close relationship and I am unsure of his motivations for being her friend. Could be law school? Could be he’s gay? Anyways some things are starting to unnerve me about their relationship. They both were here recently having lunch, while i was here, together. I mean the guy is cool and all but to me that’s crossing boundaries. I would expect my girlfriend to be upset about me having a girl here for lunch. But then if he’s gay is it o.k. I am lost as to what I should do. Please help me with my situation thank you


Ask her if he is gay and let her know your feelings. Say exactly what you said to me. Especially the part about having lunch together if the shoe were on the other foot and it were a straight woman. People generally understand personal examples.

All the best,