Guild store vs regular jeweler


Hi, I have been looking at engagement rings at most of the major international and local retailers. Been to Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef, Bvlgari etc. I was blown away by Harry Winston. Cartier was good too but the service wasn't as 'boutique' as HW. I've now pretty much decided on the HW. Aside from the usual 4C's, i believe in the beauty of the rock. and at the end of the day the rock should do what it's supposed to – sparkle. my question is – is it alright to simply go for this 'sparkle' factor, given the 4C's are more or less the same. i mean given a rock from a local jeweller with the same 4C's as one from HW, would the sparkle factor be what is worth paying at least 30% more for? thanks


Hi Joel,

Be careful! Tiffany is no longer considered a guild store. It is definitely worth the extra bucks for a well-proportioned diamond rather than an off-make. If you are diligent, it is also possible to get the same quality sold by the guild stores from other sources. However, beware of the impostors. Soft-grading versus hard-grading is a great sign to detect these impostors. Have a great day!