what is g it can be located. how it can be used for peak climax without any problem to female.
how the sex time can be increased.
what is average size of penis liked/suitable for woman.


Hi Emmy,

The G-spot is more formally known as the Gräfenberg spot. It’s a small, approximately quarter size, spongy spot in the vaginal canal behind the pubic bone. It’s a dense collection of nerve ending located on the top side of the vagina about halfway between the pubic bone and cervix, when a woman is lying down on her back. Stimulation of this area by your own fingers, someone else’s, a penis or a vibrator will work quite nicely.

Stimulating your G-spot won’t hurt you but as with any other stimulation or rubbing on your skin, you might get a little sensitive or sore. Practice to see what works for you.

As far as set time being increased, it depends on where the issue lies. Are you getting tired? Is your partner? If it’s your partner, incorporate foreplay. Either oral sex or hand stimulation to the clitoris to get you revved up before actual intercourse begins.

Penis’ coming in every shape (crooked), length, width, color as there are men. There is no magic size. Just what feels right to you.