casted engagment rings


I found a mounting for my diamond that I really like but it is casted (vs die-struck). I have read that die-struck engagement rings are more durable. However, am I making a mistake getting a casted engagment ring? The diamond to be mounted is 1.5 carats. I want to make sure the diamond is secure in a casted ring. I wear surgical gloves off and on during the day if that gives you any extra needed information in terms of what I do for a living. I am also deciding between platinum and palladium as far as the metal used for the ring. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Sandra,
Di struck is an assembly line process. Die-struck pieces are stronger than conventional casting methods but so what? All you need is a ring that is strong enough to live through your daily routine. Even if you are a mountain climber it won’t make a difference because they will both get banged up. Now having said that, I’m not saying that all casting methods are equal. My preference is for the casting to be vacuum poured and vacuum pressed. (Platinum VP, Palladium VP) I know platinum is expensive but its the better choice for holding your diamond. Palladium is too brittle to be used a prongs. Have a great day! -Fred