Can Cut help a J stone look brighter?


Okay I know this might sound strange- However both me and my friend have J colored stones. Gia document to support-
Mine is a 2.15 round vvs2 J. Hers is a SI J round 2.11. Set very similar, plat 6 prong heads yellow gold mounting. When we view these gals face up and to the side she has said, and even I can notice mine does indeed look brighter not yellowish.. nor brown. No florucence in either stone by the way. 🙂
What gives?
Both our stones technically fall into a class 3 per your book.
Please let me know.
🙂 Thanks!


Hi Tracy,

Without knowing more information about both diamonds, it is hard to say. Many possible reasons for the “appearance” of more light return: one stone may be dirty or class of cut may be a factor or the settings may also be to blame. Got any more of the vitals/proportions for each stone?

The Diamond Guy Helper