New Arrivals

This summer is no different than last summer in respect to how I spent it. Each year, in July, August and September, I scan the country-side for the hot-off-the-castings men’s wedding bands. As usual, I looked over 600 new entries to pick the handful I predict have a chance to make it into next year’s top ten men’s wedding band list. As I predicted last season, gold has infiltrated the ranks to comprise over 50% of the hopefuls. During the next quarter, as the sales figures come in, we’ll see if any of these rookies have the right stuff. Be sure to look at E-motion 1 and 2 to see the wildest ring probably ever designed. It literally looks like a slinky is rolling around on your finger with every movement of your hand. Also, the new tempered gold and platinum slide is spectacular; as well as three new Upperclassmen rings (Two-gether, Diamond Streamline, and G.Q.) that are beyond cool!

by Fred Cuellar

Tempered Gold and Platinum
Streamline 1
Two Tone Streamline 2
Streamline 3
E-Motion 1
E-Motion 2
Diamond Streamline
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(All photographs were taken by acclaimed photographer and artist Ricky Fernandez)

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