Finalist Number 4 – Anything is Possible

Anything is possible

My story begins about ten years ago when I met Cecilia (my wife). She was 21 and I was 24. Because we had both just come out of failed marriages, her family and mine opposed of our relationship. No matter how difficult it was she never gave up on us. She stood up for us and went against all odds. Years later we had a son. Cecilia wanted my parents to meet our son. At the time my father was sick with cancer. He never got to meet Jonas. My mother lived all her life with Scleroderma. After my father’s passing, my mother became very ill. Cecilia wanted to meet my mother regardless of how my mother felt about her. The day my mother met Cecilia and Jonas, it changed her whole perception. My mother loved them both. She died shortly after. The title of my story is Anything is Possible because our lives have changed so much. When we first moved in together we had nothing. We didn?t even have a vehicle. Once in a while I would use my work van to take us out!

We had a tiny apartment with no furniture and just a bunch of sheets to sleep on the floor. We didn’t have much but we were happy, we were in love. Little by little, together we have worked so hard and 4 years ago we bought a house. Cecilia and I got married in 2008 ( I have yet to buy her a wedding ring). We went to the justice of the peace and there in the judge’s office we got married. Jonas, our son, was our witness. Together we have 5 kids in the house (2 from her previous marriage, 2 from mine and together 1). Cecilia works full time, goes to school, takes care of our home, kids and myself. She wakes up at 4am to make me breakfast and lunch so I can take it to work. She comes home from work and makes dinner and still makes time for the kids and myself. She will be finishing her MBA in April of 2010. She works so hard to make us all happy and never thinks of herself. She never gave up on our relationship, she never gave up on meeting my mother and she never gives up now. I have always told everybody, she is the rock that holds our home together. Our life is simple but yet we both know how much it has cost us to be where we’re at and we cherish every bit of it. Her love for us is so immense that she sacrifices every bit of energy she’s got to make sure we are all happy. I wish my parents were here to see how far we have come. But I know they are in heaven watching over me. My father always taught me that family comes first. No matter how hard things may get, I know I have a strong woman by my side and that my parents would be so proud of us. Every day I thank the lord for putting Cecilia in my path. Ten years have flown by, yet we love each other more than ever. We have conquered every obstacle, every bump on the road and we’re still strong. This isn’t a fairy tale, this is real life. I’m so lucky to have my wife in my life. The love we have for each other is so strong and we have proved to everybody that together anything is possible!

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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