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Everyday with the aid of my gemologists and personal assistants, “Ask The ‘Diamond Guy’®” handles countless e-mails and help-line calls! The response to this support site for the best-selling book on diamonds, How to Buy a Diamond, has made it one of the top diamond information sites! Now, we’ve taken it one step further with our “My Gemologist®” Department. This service is free of charge and is my way of thanking all my readers who have made us the most acknowledged jeweler in the Guinness Book of World Records. Here is what it is and does:

My Gemologist® is first and foremost your personal assistant to help you find the right diamond with great guarantees from the best jeweler at a phenomenal price. Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive daily are: – Where is a bonded jeweler in my area? – I can’t find a particular diamond. – I can’t talk the jeweler’s language so I’m afraid I’m not getting a good deal. What do I do? – How do I negotiate when I’ve found a good jeweler, etc? My Gemologist® will be your middleman, personal shopper, consigliere, godfather, negotiator, facilitator. Call him what you will but if you’re having trouble with your purchase in any way you can lay it all in the lap of My Gemologist®. To be assigned your own personal gemologist to do your bidding, just fill out the following information with your specific needs, and a Diamond Cutters International representative will be assigned to be your own gemologist and cater to your every need within 48 hours. If you require immediate assistance, you can also call our My Gemologist® 24/7 department at 800-275-4047 anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Take care, The Diamond Guy®

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