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Fred Cuellar was only a freshman at Texas A&M in 1981 when he had the “Ah-Ha! moment” that would become Diamond Cutters International. While working part-time at a chain jewelry store, Fred struggled to embrace the business model of the typical jewelry store.

  • Step 1: Mass produce a ton of jewelry overseas
  • Step 2: Fill jewelry store cases with thousands of options of expensive-looking, low cost jewelry — what the world knows now as high-end costume jewelry. Fast fashion. Fast jewelry. This is the chain business model.

The chain business model focused on making pretty things as cheaply as possible. Quality suffered, legitimate guarantees suffered, because you can’t give solid guarantees to jewelry that will fall apart.

The only other business model that existed for selling jewelry was the guild model: high-quality jewelry instantly available at a high price.

The chain and guild models were both anchored so the shopper could walk in and walk out with their new piece of jewelry, same day. Both models were designed to avoid alienating the instant gratification customer. Statistically, 50% of all purchases are made by impulse shoppers. These models didn’t want to exclude the “I want it now” shopper.

There was one more business model that once was alive in every town but had been allowed to die a slow death: the family jeweler business model. The family jeweler was considered part of the family. You knew him because he was your dad’s friend, and his dad’s friend before that.

The family jeweler knew your story because he was there when your dad was passing out cigars after you were born. He was invited to your first t-ball game and probably attended the same church your family did. The family jeweler, just like the family doctor before him, grew up with you.

The family jeweler didn’t have to ask for your story because he was part of it. When it came time for an engagement ring, the family jeweler would be called in to lend his expertise to make the one-of-a-kind ring for your one-of-a-kind love.

Fred realized that he wanted to be a family jeweler. He wanted to be a part of helping tell the love stories of all the couples blessed enough to find their soulmates. But, still something was missing.

Fred understood that to elevate Diamond Cutters International truly above and beyond the rest, he must offer the best diamonds with the best guarantees, and a mere family jeweler cannot accomplish that. He wanted to do it all – take the diamond from rough to reality.

So, he did. Diamond Cutters International is the first and only diamond and colored stone cutting house open to the public in the southwestern United States; the first and only fully bonded jeweler (lifetime buyback) in the state of Texas; and a streamlined full-service jewelry manufacturer.

For over 30 years Diamond Cutters International has helped over 100,000 couples around the world find the perfect diamond and craft the perfect ring. A ring that will tell their story and reflect their values, their love.

Let us tell your story. Come in to Diamond Cutters International. Meet your family jeweler who will be there not only for your lifetime, but for generations to come.

Diamond Cutters International: Committed to Love ™

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