9) Sort of Like "50 First Dates"

It was February 19th, only five days after Valentine’s Day and more importantly, five days after the anniversary of our first date together. I suspected she had been hoping for a ring on Valentine’s Day but instead I ended up having to work late that night, our dinner plans had to be canceled and it didn’t turn out to be the romantic evening she had expected. Having lowered her expectations, I waited until that Saturday when I knew I would have the element of surprise. My future best man drove 6 hours Friday night and he and I and a few others got up at 5 AM Saturday morning and filmed a DVD for my girlfriend Amanda. My best man to be put on a blonde wig and a coconut bra and played the part of my girlfriend.

We set our film up sort of like the movie "50 First Dates" which had been the movie Amanda and I had watched the night of our first date. We reenacted a variety of scenes from the history of my relationship with Amanda along with my own commentary about how I had felt the first time I ever saw her, the first time we met, etc. After hours of filming and hours of editing the DVD was ready later that night. I had taken my girlfriend to a friend’s wedding which I had hoped would help set the right mood for the evening. After the wedding, a buddy of mine who had been putting the finishing touches on the DVD slipped it to me while my girlfriend waited in the car.

After the wedding, we got a bite to eat and I told her I wanted to make up for Valentine’s Day being kind of a bust and so I started reminiscing with her about our past year together, reading her lines from poems and letters I had written her, playing special songs and telling her how much she meant to me. Then I told her I was going to put in "50 First Dates" to commemorate watching it on our first date and while she wasn’t looking, I put in the DVD we had made her instead. As the music began to play and credits began to roll, she was like, "what’s this?" Then she read on the screen, "here are some moments from the past year you might have forgotten….or might wish you had (a la "50 First Dates). Tears welled up in her eyes, she laughed, she cried and told me "this is the best gift ever." A few moments after the DVD ended, I gave her one better, I slipped the ring on her finger and asked her to marry me. "YES! she exclaimed as she fell into my arms hugging me for several minutes before she even looked at the ring. We will be married on June 24.


Proposal Story By:

Stephen Wilson

Lewisport, KY


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