9) R & R

Last November Nick told me for his R&R (15 day leave all soldiers get when they are deployed to a war zone) that he wanted to go to Europe and not home because he said he wouldn’t want to go back if he went home. He asked if I could go with him and I said it would be difficult because I did not have the money nor the time to take off of school. He then decided to call my parents and ask for their permission to take their daughter to Europe and quickly explained that the reason he wanted to take me to Europe was because he would like their permission for my hand in marriage so he could propose to me there. He told them exactly when and where he was going to propose to me. Little did I know they, and the rest of my family, knew the whole plan for at least a month before I went!

Around Christmas time I opened up my email and there was a ticket to Frankfurt, Germany and it was from Nick. He then called me and asked me to go to Europe with him. Of course I said yes and was fortunate enough to spend 2 absolutely amazing weeks there with him last January 2-15. I arrived in Germany and we spent the first 5 days roaming around the Frankfurt/ Weisbaden area. Then we hopped on a train and spent 13 hours traveling to Italy. I had been reading up on the northern Italy travel book and had noticed we were going to be staying 15 km from Verona, which is the city of Romeo and Juilet. I love Shakespeare and was dying to go and asked Nick if it would be possible but he said we wouldn’t have any time. I didn’t think we were going to get to go so you can imagine my total surprise when one morning we went to the train station and I thought we were going to Venice but instead Nick bought two tickets to Verona.

When we arrived the first place he took me was La Casa de Julietta or the House of Juliet. We were admiring the famous balcony where Romeo proposed his love for Juliet when Nick asked me if I wanted him to take my picture up on the balcony, so he gave me three euro (the amount it cost to go up) and I was off. Well, I was up on the balcony and he was down in the courtyard taking my picture and after he finished taking the picture he motioned with his finger to come closer to the balcony. He then began telling me the reason he brought me to Europe was because he wanted to do something special for me because of all the time and distance we had been apart the last six months. He said there was also another main reason he brought me to Europe and it was so he could ask me one question. He told me how much he loved me and then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him– WOW! I said "yes," of course.

Actually, I think I nodded because I was crying too much and all I remember is hugging him for like 5 minutes.  I was in total shock for pretty much the remainder of the day because my boyfriend had just proposed to me in the city of Romeo and Juliet on Juliet’s balcony!!! Yes, he did his research on what he thought I would like and did a VERY good job with it.  He put so much effort into making it the most romantic and memorable event possible. I still dream about it every night and can’t wait for the day we can go back.


Proposal Story By:

Veronica Davila

College Station, TX


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