8) I Promised Myself

In order to get the full effect of my proposal you have to get a little background information. Last year in 2007 on February 1, which is my birthday, my grandfather died. Now my father was never around my whole life and my grandpa was everything to me, I was devastated when I lost him especially to die on my birthday without ever getting to speak with him that day.

This year on my birthday, my fiance’ never let me know we had any plans to go out or do anything for my birthday. That morning I had to take my dog to the vet cause he had a significan’t amount of blood in his urine and I was so scared. All my fiance’ kept saying was don’t let her have to put the dog down on her birthday this year. I don’t think she can handle another year with losing someone she loved on her birthday. So after we got home and the vet just gave the dog some medicine.

I really didn’t want to go out and do anything but Chris (my fiance’) said to be ready when he got back home. Well he came home and had some beautiful flowers and a very special card. Not thinking anything yet we decide that we are going to go to dinner. But he has other plans we get in the car before we leave he brings out this blindfold and tells me to put it on. He continues to drive around town so I don’t know where he is going.

Then finally he pulls in somewhere gets out of the car and then comes back and says he needs my help he can’t find something for me to take off my blindfold. I take the blindfold off and we are at the cemetery where my grandpa is buried he can’t find the gravestone. We are right in front of it so he hands me a white rose and he takes a red one to put down on the grave. We are standing outside in the cold and snow. He starts speaking like he is with my grandpa!

Well it has been a year since you left us today, we really miss you being around. We still play cards with my Mom and Dad but it is still not the same. I know Kristen wishes you were still here and so do I. I know how much you meant to her and how much she meant to you. I brought her here today to show you how much she means to me. (By now I am balling like a baby).

He couldn’t quite get everything out and is crying while he is trying to speak. He goes on to say, "last year you left us on her birthday and I know how upset she was and how hard it was on her to lose you. I promised myself that this year I would make it better for her. I want to show her exactly what she means to me." Then he got down on one knee in the snow and pulled out a box and asked me if I would be his wife. Of course I said "yes" and then kissed him and hugged him. It was absolutely amazing that he came up with this. It couldn’t have been any better, we were both crying and that proposal will remain in my mind forever. It meant the absolute world to me and he made it like my grandpa was right there with us.

Proposal Story by:

Kristen Tewksbury

Swartz Creek, MI


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