7) Valued Customer's

Early in our relationship my then-boyfriend, JR, took me to the opening night of one of my favorite restaurants downtown – with a romantic atmosphere and Tuscan-inspired cuisine. Since then, he told me he occasionally got e-mails and calls from the manager about specials.

One night many months later he told me they were having a "Customer Appreciation" night with free wine and appetizers and asked if I’d like to go with him and my best friend. I was worried about running late to it because I had a night class, but I ran home to change into a dress and when we finally got there, the waiters seated us and thanked us for being "Valued Customers."

There was a fancy note on our table on the restaurant’s stationary and I had a feeling maybe it was from JR! To my dismay, I read it and it was from the Manager thanking all the guests for coming and I saw that all the tables had them, not just ours. As I looked around I noticed that all the tables also had disposable cameras on them. The waiters asked everyone to take pictures throughout the night, and that they would be posted on the restaurant didn’ts website.

The three of us enjoyed drinks and food, and at one point, JR got up to go to the restroom. As he came back he told me he ran into some colleagues from work he’d like me to meet. He led me downstairs to another part of the restaurant and I looked around for who he wanted to introduce me to, but JR had stopped in the middle of the floor. Of course, I got butterflies as he got down on his knee and finally popped the question with the ring of my dreams. Everything around us disappeared for that special moment, but I knew we were surrounded bright flashes from other patrons taking pictures with their disposable cameras. "What a coincidence!" I thought. As JR stood up, he turned me around and I saw that many of the flashes were coming from a big group behind us with cameras – our families and friends (some of whom had traveled from out of state) who had been hiding and witnessed the whole event. As it turns out, all those letters on the other tables had been instructions for the other customers to wait for the right moment to take our pictures and commemorate the moment! We enjoyed the rest of the night celebrating in a private room with our closest companions.

To this day I can’t believe that JR got an entire restaurant’s staff and customers to play along with this "customer appreciation" facade for me. I would have never expected JR to be so creative and so secretive in planning this extravagant event, but I’m so fortunate he did because I have photographs of the whole proposal and I got to share it with those I love!

Proposal Story by:

Nina Holland

Fort Worth, TX


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