7) Forces At Work

It took many forces to bring my fiancé Chris and I together, but when we did get together, we knew it was forever.

We were both Finance majors at Penn State University. And although we only graduated one semester apart, we never knew each other. While this is not unusual in a large school, what was unusual was that we eventually realized that one of my good friends was the college roommate of one of Chris’s good friends.  Additionally, we later found out that my college roommate had become close with one of his friends, and the two of them lived together after graduation.  With two sets of connections, you would have thought we would have recognized that we were meant to be together!

But it took a while for us to unite. The first step of our journey began when we were both accepted into a management-training program in the same company. I remember being on campus and having the recruiter tell me she met her husband through the program. She added with a smile, “Perhaps the same will happen to you!” At the time I laughed her comment off, thinking it was a recruiting ploy. Again, it was just a sign of things to come.

Chris and I both began to work together, and once we finally realized we had mutual friends and interests, we began to socialize. We quickly became close friends, and easily transitioned into romance, since we already knew so much about each other.  What I didn’t know, however, was how romantic he was.

Our first Valentine’s Day together, Chris and I were working in the same building. As noon approached, he called to ask if I could drive to our Valentine’s lunch, since his gas was low. Of course, I obliged. On our way back to the office, I remember him fumbling in his wallet, checking for something. So when he stopped by my cube later that afternoon asking for my keys because he had left his wallet there, I wasn’t at all surprised. I was surprised, however, when I unlocked my car that evening and found the cutest teddy bear sitting in the passenger seat.

Since that first Valentine’s Day, we have brought the bear, named Hug, with us on our annual Valentine’s trip to my fiancé’s parent’s? beach house.

This year, our 4th Valentine’s together, we again planned to go to the shore.  Unfortunately, during the winter, the heat had accidentally shut off and the pipes had burst. Carpets were ruined, walls were destroyed, and the house was totally uninhabitable.

While this disaster was terrible to find, it was a stroke of luck that it had been discovered in early February, rather than May, when everybody would have been coming to the house. Again, we were charmed, although our Valentine’s plans were now altered.

My fiancé made reservations at a quaint bed & breakfast on the Island. It was absolutely perfect ? the hosts were friendly, the food was delicious, and the home had a warm character.

After breakfast our first morning there, we went back to our room to get ready for the day. Chris said he had a present for me – or actually, he said, for Hug, since it was his “Third birthday.”  Since we don’t usually buy presents, the little gesture he made was perfect.  I opened the first gift – a pair of cargo pants, which we put on the bear.  Second came a pair of sunglasses.  Reaching for the third one, Chris said that it was actually for me. I opened it and found a poem. He began reading the very sweet and romantic poem about our relationship.

At the final verse however, there came a twist. Chris read: “At this juncture, there remains one question. I look to the bear for a suggestion.”  At which point, he went to the bear, opened the pocket of his brand new cargo pants, and pulled out the most beautiful engagement ring. I was absolutely shocked and ecstatic, crying as he got onto his knee and asked me to marry him.

So I guess it was all meant to be from our odd connection of friends to the recruiter’s premonition, there were many signs that this was meant to last.  And while I didn’t need signs to know that this was right, it was a fabulous journey to this fateful destination.


Proposal Story By:

Evelyn Tsai 

Morristown, NJ


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