6) Yeah Right

My proposal wasn’t as significant as the response
I got when I asked Mendy to marry me eight years ago. We had gone
to a Garth Brooks concert the night before and I was having a cup
of coffee at Mendy’s apartment. Taking my first sip, I then popped
up, "Mendy, will you marry me?" She calmly turned to me and said,
"Yeah right." I had to pause for a few minutes and finally asked,
"Does that mean we’re engaged?"

After a brief discussion about our thoughts
on why I was now ready to get married when I expressed some reservations
just days before, we decided that we were now officially engaged
and shared the news with her family over lunch.

It was another two weeks before I had the right
ring. I had a local jeweler in my hometown that I wanted to use.
I also wanted Mendy to have some say on the diamond, cut, and band
for her engagement ring. After all, she was the one who was going
to wear it, so I wanted her to be happy with the selection.

We were now in my hometown and went to the jeweler,
where Mendy picked out the specific choices and then I had her
leave me with the jeweler to discuss the final price on the particular
selections. He and I also discussed when it would be ready to be
picked up. He had it ready for me that afternoon, but when Mendy
returned, as we had discussed, he told her it would not be ready
until the next day.

Mendy and I had a barbecue to attend that afternoon.
On the way there, I had her drive by the jeweler so that I could
drop off the down payment for the ring. Unknown to her, I was actually
picking up the ring. The jeweler gave it to me with the ring box
inside an empty jar of ring cleaner. On the way to the party, which
was in a rural area, we came to a stop at a deserted intersection.
I began playing with the jar of ring cleaner and leaned over
towards her. I acted like I was spilling the cleaner and fell towards
her. She was so surprised to see the ring box slide out of the
jar instead of the liquid she just knew had ruined her new outfit
she had purchased for the barbecue.


Proposal Story By:

Ron Graham



The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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