6) Tongue-In-Cheek Night

Amanda, my fiance, has never been a gushy romantic and, if given
the choice, would probably forget that Valentine’s Day ever existed.
In fact, by her choice, we had never celebrated Valentine’s Day with
even so much as a card before 2005.

In keeping with her desires, I
rented a small cabin in the Rocky Mountains for her birthday, January
31, intending to pop the question as we snowshoed under the full
winter moon. To my dismay, however, the surprise backfired when

Amanda’s brother, completely ignorant of my secret plans decided to
drop in for a visit that very weekend! All of my plans were
immediately shattered and I was left again at square one. That is
when I really go to thinking about the element of surprise.

I know
Amanda very well, which, in a way, allows her to read me somewhat
easily. I got to thinking that, if taken on a weekend trip to a cabin in
the middle of nowhere (which, believe it or not, is one of her favorite
things to do) she would smell the romance immediately and know my
plan. Instead, I decided to do the opposite of what I thought she’d
want and/or expect, instantly seeing Valentine’s Day as the perfect
tongue-in-cheek night to hatch my plan.

On my lunch break, I called
her to let her know that I’d be taking her out to dinner that night and
that she should dress up. Suspiciously, she agreed and I whisked her
off on a scenic walk through the historic downtown area we lived in,
ending at the nicest restaurant in town, one she’d been begging to go
to for months. Although not her style, she rolled with the evening
surprisingly well, after making me promise that dinner was the only
romantic trick up my sleeve.

Just as I lied through my teeth that it
was, a horse-drawn carriage pulled up outside and I let her know that
our ride had arrived. She turned bright red and settled into her very
cute nervous laugh, a habit that she indulged for the rest of the
evening. We cuddled up under a blanket and took a moonlit tour of
our town, with the foothills of the Rockies reflecting the moon’s glow.
Just as she attempted to force me to lie a second time and say that
there was absolutely nothing else planned, I slipped a light-up ring
case out of my pocket and opened it up in front of her.

For the first
time that night, her cute little nervous laugh turned to happy tears, as
she breathed, "yes". In the end, my change of plans worked out
rather well and Amanda admitted that, although she had never
celebrated Valentine’s Day before, she now had a great reason to do



Proposal Story By:

Jeffrey C. Borling 

Golden, CO

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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