6) Ski Trip

My best friend Shawna was planning a ski trip for February, 2006, and she wanted everyone to go. We decided that we would. We went and are having a GREAT time. When we returned from dinner, I was going to get into the shower and I told Alex that I couldn’t wait until we were together forever. When I got out of the shower, Alex brought me into the kitchen of the house that we had all rented for the weekend.

He had two wine glasses out and he poured us some merlot. I wanted to make a toast to us and he said, "No, not yet." He placed the glasses down and led me back to our room and sat me on the bed. He covered my face with a satin scarf and he asked me if I was having a good time. I said that I was and I asked him the same, and he said yes and that he always had a good time when we were together.

He started to tell me how much he loved me and how we have our ups and downs but we always work them out by talking and not yelling at each other. He went on for a bit and I started to wonder if this was "it". Turns out, it WAS. He ended by taking off my blindfold (he was on his knee all that time), and telling me he’d like to do the things that we have done over the past year and a half for the rest of his life. He then popped the question and I cried like a baby and said yes and just hugged him.

I finally stopped crying and saw the ring and he took off the promise ring he’d given me and slipped on the engagement ring. We then went back into the kitchen and got the wine and made the toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Davidson. Next, we went into the living room where the rest of the group was. He told them that he’d just popped the question and that I’d said yes. Everyone said, "AWWWWWW," and congrats to us and wanted to see the ring. It was our best vacation so far!!!


Proposal Story By:

Wendy Underwood

Durham, NC


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