6) Santa's Early Surprise

WOW!… Little did I know that a normal day at work would end with such a great surprise. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and things were going really well for us.  He just graduated from the University of Houston, passed his licensing exams, and just accepted a new position.  To top off this year, I was expecting a proposal in Las Vegas during our New Years Eve vacation; to my surprise it happened when I least expected it.

Tuesday, December 18th  2007

I am a nurse at a hospital here in Houston and I was looking forward to my five days off work and anxiously awaiting my 7pm shift change. Around 6:45pm I heard a lot of commotion going on at the nurses station. I was walking around the corner and saw Santa Clause passing out candy to the nurses as he joyously chanted, "Ho-Ho-Ho. Merry Christmas!" All of the nurses and staff were excited and graciously accepted Santa’s candy canes. I went to go get a candy cane and Santa blatantly passed me up. I watched as Santa went to other nurses and gave them candy and patted them on the back, and thats when one of my co-workers said "Katie, go get some candy from Santa." I walked over to Santa and asked if I could have a candy cane, and that’s when he gave me a candy cane and then a BIG bear hug to go with it. One of the nurses said "Ahhhh, Santa must like you." After the long bear hug I thought Santa was a bit creepy. As soon as Santa let go of me I heard Santa say "Wait, Santa’s got a special gift just for you for Christmas," in a deep, muffled voiced.  

After Santa said that, he got on one knee and started reaching into his big red sack and I had no idea what he was going to be pulling out. After a few seconds of digging and with his right hand still in the bag, he put his left hand out to me. Once I grabbed onto his left hand he pulled out a box and placed it in my hand. I didn’t know what was going on or what to think. Then, in Santa’s normal voice he said "Katie, I love you so much," and then whatever the rest he said was a blur because I was in shock. Then, Santa pulled off his hat, wig, and beard and said "WILL YOU MERRY ME," as he opened up the box that was somehow still in my hand. I don’t think I answered for a few seconds because I was so surprised and excited at the moment, but then I gladly wrapped my arms around Santa and said "YES" as gave him a big kiss.  

Meanwhile, all of the nurses and staff that were gathered around erupted in congratulatory cheers. They celebrated the special moment with us. After I thought all the surprises were done, he took me back to his apartment and let me in and I was mesmerized by all the red rose petals that covered the floor from his entry way to his bedroom. He surprised me with a prepared meal that was the same exact one that we had our first date. The candles, champagne, lighted Christmas tree, and the wood burning in the fireplace all provided the most romantic setting in which we could celebrate our proposal.   

I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal, because I could see the thrill in his face when he surprised me on that day. My fiance was so excited because he was able to propose when I least expected it, but at the same time making it a special occasion.

Proposal Story by:

Katie Harwick

Houston, TX


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